John  H.  Carter,
unsound  mind
~ ~ ~

Book 7, page 100           July 15, 1867           Lunacy

In the matter of the sanity information for John H. Carter

                           Comes Fanny Carter an files a statement in writing alleging that John H. Carter is a person of unsound mind and incapable of managing his own estate thereupon and insane is made by the clerk of the court d_____ the fact set forth is said statement which _______ is ordered to be tried by a jury empanelled under the direction of the court whereupon the sheriff having into open Court the following named persons towit;
Cyrenuis Bishop,
Green B. Morgan,
James McColley,
William Majors,
William P. Angleton,
William H. Miller,
Woodard Sutherland,
Louis Fesenbeck,
William Moody,
James M. Clark,
Lewis Bank,
Thomas Dixon,

twelve good and lawful men descent householders of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana elected tried and sworn the oath to speak a just verdict to render an the issue joined as aforesaid and said person alleged to be insane being able to be produced in court his presence to dispensed with and the evidence being addressed before the jury and _________ deliberation had the jury _______ into court the following verdict towit:

"We the jury find John H. Carter to be a person of an unsound mind an a inhabitate of Shelby Co. Indiana

William Majors, Foreman

NOTE from the transcriber:  This document was hard to read and where the places are blank I could not make the words out.  The document was typed just as it was recorded in the probate order book.  If a word appears misspelled it is the way it was written by the court transcriber.


NOTE from the transcriber:  On the following page, (101) of Book 7, Fanny Carter files a petion for Letters of Guardianship of John H. Carter.  The court appointed her guardian and upon filing the Bond conditions and prescribed by law is now done the penal sum of $50.00.  Isaac O'dell and Joseph D. Lacey as security.

Fanny was the guardian of  Martin M. CarterJohn H. Carter, and  Thomas W.D. Carter, minor heirs of  Thomas Carter, dec'd.  There were several documents pertaining to the selling of land that belonged to these three heirs.

On July 18, 1867, Fanny Carter makes final settlement as guardian of Thomas W.D. Carter, who had reached the age of 21 on April 8, 1867. Book 7, page 119.

Fanny Carter the grdn of John H. Carter aged 30 her own son, asks the court for her son's interest in real estate for caring for him the past 14 years. Request dated 19 Nov 1868. Book 8, page 274 Request granted 18 Nov 1871. Book 10.

Summarized by Janet Franklin

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