Shelby  County,  Indiana
Courthouse Records

Guardianship  of

Lucinda J. Shourt    
    &  Sarah  Shourt

Minor  Heirs  of  Maria  Shourt,  deceased

James  Chambers,  Guardian

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Probate Order Book 4 Page 511

Monday 13th Day November Term 1863 Nov. 16th

In The Matter of the Guardianship of
Lucinda J. Shourt  Sarah Shourt
Minor Heirs of  Maria Shourt, deceased
James Chambers, Guardian

            At this time comes said Guardian and files and presents to the Court a Report of his said trust, which is verified by affidavit, and reads as follows, Towit: (Here insert) From which report it appears that there is now in the hands of said Guardian, belonging to said each of said heirs the sum of $143.76, and he now produces receipts or vouchers for costs and taxes on account of said wards, for each the sum of $2.82, leaving in his hands at this time the sum of $140.94 due to each of said wards,  And the Court having seen and inspected said Report and vouchers, and being satisfied therewith, approve and accept the same, and order this Matter continued.

And Thereupon Court Adjourned until 9 o’clock Tomorrow Morning.
George A. Buskirk

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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