Estate  of

William  Conner, decd

Sale  Bill

Box 10

State of Indiana Shelby County
          This day personally came before me  Samuel Love  one of the Justices of the Peace within the County aforesaid  David Lovett  administrator of the goods Chattels rights Credits moneys and affects of William Conner deceased and also came  Nelly Conner  the widdow of the said  William Conner  who being duly sworn Saith upon oath that they have given up all and Singular the goods chattels rights credits moneys and affects of the said William Conner deceased so far as the same has come to their knowledge to  Abraham Powel  and  Joshua Arnold  the appraisors of said estate.
         David Lovett     Administrator
Nelly Conner     Widow
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16th day of Aprile 1836
                                                    Samuel Love     Justice of the Peace


Inventory of the sale of goods and Chattles of Wm. Conner deceast Sold on 10th day of May 1836 by David Lovett Administrator
Joseph Cummins to one Salttub 44
Abner L. Carpenter to one proof vial 14
Thomas H. Conner to one ax 56
Jessa Trusel to one Loom 3 12
Samuel Baxter to one Wedg 33
     Do      do       one Basket 06 1/2
David Lovett to one Lard stand 12
Eleanor Conner to one Barrell 16
Thoms H. Conner to one Basket 10
Eleanor Conner to one Clock 7 00
Joseph Cummins to Six Chairs 2 06 1/4
Elenor Conner to one Bureau 5 12 1/2
        Do           to Six Chairs 1 12
        Do to 1 bedstid and cord 1 62 1/2
        Do to one bedstid and chord 62 1/2
        Do to one shovel 20
        Do to one pair of andirons 20
        Do to one tailor goose 18
        Do to one Bucket      25
        Do to two candlesticks 25
        Do to two Smoothing irons 20
        Do to one Bedstid and cord 18 3/4
Joshua Arnold to one pair of Sheepshers 22
Eleanor Conner to one umbrella 25
        Do to one looking glass 31 1/4
Abner Carpenter to one pair of Stillards 45
Eleanor Conner to one Basket 06 1/4
David Lovett to one halfbushel 24
Robert Stuart to one hoe 38
Eleanor Conner to one oven 52
        Do to one pot 51
Henry Moore to one pot 27
Jessa Trusel to one hoe 06 1/4
Samuel Baxter to two hoes 12 1/2
Thomas H. Conner to one hammer 28
Fountain Hufman to one Grubbing hoe 25
Eleanor Conner to Wheel 50
Thomas H. Conner to Six Chairs 37 1/2
Eleanor Conner to one Reed 18
Jessa Trusel to one Reed 58
Stephen Bless to one pair of Harnice 12
Fountain Hufman to one lot Castings 18 3/4
        Do to one lot of old irons      50



Fountain Hufman to one logchain 1 63
Abraham Powel to one Pitch fork 27
David Lovell to two Augurs 21
Robert Stuart to one Saw 62 1/2
Eleanor Conner to one kettle 1 12
Thomas H. Conner to one cubboard 31
Joseph Cummins  to two singletrees, 
                       two pair of stretchers,
                    One Lapring, one Stirrup
Daniel French to one spade 40
John Cartmill to one lot of plank 12 1/2
Wm. Rayns to one Plow 56
Joshua Arnold to one pair of Cattle
                     and yoke
20 00
Abijah Moore to one Saw 4 00
Do to two hogs first and second choice   3 40
Jessa Trusel to two hogs last choice 1 33
Abijah Moore to one pig 1 06 1/4
John Cartmill to one Cow 13 62 1/2

David Lovit Admr of Sale Bill
Wm. Conner dec'd
Filed June 8th 1836 S.B. Morris Clk.

State of Indiana Shelby County
          This day personally came before me Samuel Love one of the Justices of the Peace within the county aforesaid Thomas H. Conner the clerk of the foregoing Sale of the personal property of William Conner deceased who being duly sworn Saith upon oath that the foregoing inventory made by him is Just and True and Contains a true list of all the articles sold at said sale the name of the purchaser and the price of each article to the best of his knowledge and belief.
Thomas H. Conner
Sworn to and subscribed before me this seventh day of June 1836
                                        Samuel Love         Justice of the Peace


Cummons & Conners articles of Agreement
Filed April 6, 1837 S.B. Morris Clk.
Demand in the Estate of Wm. Conner  Deceast

          Article of agreement Made & entered into by and between Joseph Cummins Administrator of the Estate of Thomas F. Eubank diseas of the one part And Wm. Conner of the other part witnesseth that the said Joseph Cummins administrator as aforesaid Saith doth agree to Rent or lease unto Wm Conner the house and garden and one lot Round the house formerly occupied and owned by Thomas F. Eubank Diseast for the term of one year from the 13th day of February 1836 in Consideration whereof the Said Wm. Conner Doth agree to pay unto Joseph Cummins administrator of the Estate of  Thomas F. Eubank disease the sum of thirty dollars to be paid quarterly the said Wm. Conner Doth agree to seal the inside of the said house with poplar bords Which is to be done in a good workman like manner and the said Cummins is to allow the said Conner a fair price for the same and if they cannot agree on the price they are to lease the same to Finesherher men the sealing of the house to be carplanked by the first of July next insuring the date and at the end of said term of time the said William Conner is to give peacable posesion of the premises affore said and leave the same in good repair the said Wm. Conner is to have the use of the Stable in the west end of the Barn and said place for and during the term of time afforesaid said in tenth of May Whereof as the partys have hereunto set out hands and Seal this 23d day of February 1836
Wm Conner 
Attes     J.Q. Knight                 
Joseph Cummins
Administrator of the Estate of  Thomas F. Eubank  diseast

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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