Adoption  of

Oriena  Rose

Shelby Circuit Court
Probate Box 834

George & Lourella Walton Guardian

Filed March 11, 1919         
        Gordon Thurston Clerk

Disposed of Mch Term 1919

No 5448 72-414
In Re Petition of  George  and  Lourilla Walton  for the adoption of  Oriena Rose
Petition                                          Elmer Bassett  Atty for Petitioners

State of Indiana Circuit Court
Shelby county, SS;                       March Term, 1919
            In Re Petition of George Walton and Lourilla Walton, his wife, to adopt Oriena Rose
The undersigned, petitioners, George Walton and Lourilla Walton, his wife, of Shelby County, Indiana, respectfully show to the court that they are desirous of adopting as their child and heir at law, Oriena Rose, a female child of the age of 8 years, now a resident of said county, and the owner of no property, real or personal; that Mrs. Laura Cole. The mother of said infant has the lawful custody of said child and resides at 1525 Deloss street, Indianapolis, Indiana and is consenting to such adoption. Your petitioners further show that they reside at No. 128 East John street in the City of Shelbyville, Indiana, and are able properly to care for, support and educate said child. And they ask that said child be given the name of  Oriena Walton.
Wherefore they pray the court that such an order of adoption be made.
George Walton     Lourilla Walton     by Elmer Bassett Attorney for petitioners    

State of Indiana
Shelby County, SS:
            George Walton being duly sworn upon his oath says that he is one of the petitioners in the foregoing petition and that the matters and things alleged in the foregoing petition are true in substance and in fact and he makes this affidavit for himself and for and on behalf of his co-petitioner, Lourilla Walton.
/s/   George Walton        

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5th day of March, 1919 
Elmer Bassett Notary Public Commissioned to April 22nd, 1919


No.     In Re Petition of George Walton and Lourilla Walton to adopt Rose
Consent of Child’s Mother
Filed March 11, 1919   Gordon Thurston Clerk

Indianapolis, Ind, March 4-19
To Whom It May Concern—
            On this 4 Day of March 1919 Personally appeared before me  Laura Cole  mother of  Oriena Rose residing at 1525 Deloss St. Indianapolis, Ind and says she hereby gives her full consent to have George and Lourilla Walton adopt her daughter Oriena Rose.
Mrs. Laura Cole

Subscribed and Sworn to before me this 4 day of March 1919
Geo. Bernloche Notary Public Indianapolis Ind.
My Commission expires July 7, 1921
Witnesses J. E. Eviston 3203 Noble St.
Asa W. Biner 903 Olney St.

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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