Estate  of

Neal  C. Robinson, dec'd 

Joseph Robinson, Administrator 



Joseph Robinson  Admr of Inventory  N. C. Robinson  $133.63 
Filed Febr 1st 1837 

            On inventory of the goods Chattles and effects of Neel C. Robinson late of Shelby County deceased taken by Joseph Robinson, administrator of the estate of the said deceased with the assistance of  William E. Bone  and  James F. Kelly  appraisers Called and duly sworn for that purpose.  
One Waggon 20.00
One horse 12.50
One Rifle gun pouch and trimming 11.50
One shot gun 3.00
One Mantle Clock 15.00
One bedsted and cord 3.00
One Sadle 5.00
One bridle and Martingale 1.50
One kittle 3.00
One stew kittle and two old skillets .50
One vinegar barrel .75
One work bench .87 ½
One box of old Irons .75
One trace chain .62 ½
One steal trap .37 ½
One Iron Wedge .50
One Lot of tin Ware 1.50
One Whip And sheap skin .75
One broad ax 1.25
One basket of artickles 1.37 ½
One sash .37 ½
Two old tubs .37 ½
One box of carpenters tools .62 ½
One ax and bell .75
One umbrella 1.25
One chair and Washbord 1.25
One bed 7.00
One bed 7.00
Bed clothing and pillow 7.87 ½
One blanket coat patron and trimming 4.75
One chest 1.00
12 bushels corn in the Crib 18- ¾ per bu    2.25
one Log Waggon 6.50
one Wheat stack 5.00
one chopping ax .87 ½
one basket and hoe .50
one Table        .50
Making in all $133.63 
Given under my hand this Jan the 27 AD 1837         Joseph Robinson     Administrator
                                                                        William E. Bone  and  James F. Kelly     appraisers

State of Indiana Shelby county towit;
            Personally appered before me  Thomas Thompson  a Justus of the named for said County Joseph Robinson administrator of the Estate of Neel C. Robinson deceased of said Estate and Being duly sworn the said Bone and Kelly say that the above inventory and appraisement as signed By them is a just and true inventory and valuation of the goods Chattles and affects of the said Neel C. Robinson to the Best of there judgment and the said Joseph Robinson says that the above is a true inventory of the personally Estate of the said Neel C. Robinson so far as the same has come to his hands to Be administered 
January the 28th 1837                                         Thomas Thompson JP (SEAL)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Second  Inventory

Second Inventory of the personal Estate of Neal C. Robinson
By Joseph Robinson Admr  $45.68
Filed March 27th 1837   S. B. Morris Clerk

            Second inventory of the personal goods and chattels of Neal C. Robbinson late of Shelby county deceased taken by James F. Kelly and William E. Bone appraisors and Joseph Robbinson administrator

One blue coat 18.00
One pare blue pantaloons 5.00
One Wescoat 1.50
One stock box two silk handker 2.00
One fur hat 2.00
One half yard of cloth 1.25
One half yard of paner? .50
One par of pantaloons .25
One old Wescoat .25
Two shirts 1.50
One Wescoat one collars and pin       1.00
One pocket knife .37 ½
One old Cloth coat 1.37 ½
Warmers .50
One Wescoat patern .25
One par of legins .50
One Lot of old Clothes .25
Two par of shoes 1.25
One par of boots 3.50
One old blanket 1.50
One sheet .50
One yard and ¾ cotton linen 43 ¾ 
One sheet 1.00
One trunk .50
One pitch fork .25
One old fish gig .25
            The above property was taken and selected by  Ileyvina Robinson  the widow of said Neal C. Robinson deceased at the Valuation and part of her one hundred dollars for which she is not taken to account March 22d 1837 amounting to $45.68 ¾ 
Joseph Robinson     Admr

State of Indiana Shelby County Sct
            Personally came the within named William E. Bone and James F. Kelly the within appraisers before me the undersigned Thomas Thompson a Justice of the Peace in and for Said County and saith on oath that the within appraisment is a just and true Valuation of the goods and chattels within named
March 22nd 1837
        Thomas Thompson     JP     (SEAL)


            I the undersigned Ileyviney Robison do hereby acknowledge the receipt of forty five dollars and sixty eight and three fourths cents the amt. of the within appraisment to me paid as witness my and seal this the 22nd day of March 1837

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sale  Bill
Sale Bill
Jas Robison Admr N C Robison dec’d
Filed February 24th 1837 S. B. Morris Clerk

            Account of Sales of the personal property of Neel C. Robinson late of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana Deceased at a public auction held at the late dwelling house of the said deceased on the 28th day of January AD 1837
Thomas Thompson to one work bench $   .63
Joseph Drake to one small tub .12 ½
Joseph Drake to one craut tub and Wash bord .25
Thomas Thompson to one kittle 3.12 ½
Thomas Thompson to one barrel and vinegar .76
Thomas Thompson to one small skillet .25
Vincent Barns to one bed stid and cord 3.70 ¼
Austin McGraw to one window sash Paid .31
Joseph Drake to one drawing chair .70
John Cully to one whip and cow hide Pd .50
Wm. Amos to one box of old Irons Paid .81
Richard Gregory to Lot of shaving tools .50
Andrew Casetor [Kaster/Castor] to one par of Spen Paid .50
Wm Higens to one basket and bottles Paid .18
Wm Cully to one fire glass Paid .19
Joseph Drake to one hatchet .68 ¾
Joseph Drake to one Inch chisel .44
Joseph Drake to one Inch and half chisel .75
Jacob Trees to one two inch chisel .82
Thomas Thompson to one inch auger .38
Joseph Drake to one gauge .06 ¼
Richard Gregory to one two inch auger 1.06 ¼
Samuel Richinson to three gimblets .20
Jacob Trees to one jack plain 1.00
Jacob Trees to one smoothing plain .62 ½
Jacob Trees to one jointer and bit      1.45
[new page]                                         Brought over 19.37
David Hendrixson to one brace and bits 2.25
Samuel Richinson to one Iron Square .75
David Hendrix to one square .68 ¾
Richard Gregory to one pare of crimppers .18 ¾
David Hendrix to one Lock and file .37 ½
Richard Gregory to one bell .81 ¾
Thomas Thompson to one ax .38
Richard Gregory to one broad ax 1.75
Joseph Robinson to one ax .75
E S Dunlap to one steel trap Paid .37 ½
Joseph Robinson to one Iron Wedge .50
Vincent Barns to one beaugle .12 ½
John McGraw to one pare of Malls Paid .12 ½
Joseph Drake to one pare of Malls .37 ½
Wm McCarthy to one canister Paid .07
Joseph Robinson to one Lantern .25
Joseph Robinson to on basket .62 ½
Joseph Robinson to one umbrella .75
Thomas Thompson to one bridle and Martingale 1.87 ½
Joseph Monrow [Monroe] to one stew kittle .06 ¼
Austin Coleman to sheep skin Paid .25
Samuel Richinson to one chair .25
Joseph Robinson to one horse 15.50
Joseph Robinson to one Waggon and gearing 20.00
Joseph Robinson to one sadle 6.12 ½
Joseph Robinson to one blanket coat patren 5.00
John McGraw to one chest Paid .75
Joseph Monrow to one shot gun Paid 2.56 ¼
James L. Bone to one Rifle gun and pouch 10.25
Joseph Robinson to one bed quilt 1.00
Wm McCarty to one bed quilt Paid .25
Samuel Favour to one two bed quilts .87 ½
Joseph Robinson to one Lot of bed clothing .87 ½
David Hendrix to two bed ticks       .13


[new page]                         Brought forward 97.00
Samuel Favour to one bed 7.50
Joseph Robinson to one bed 7.12 ½
Joseph Robinson to three pillows .50
Joseph Robinson to one clock 10.00
E S Dunlap to one basket and hoe Paid .50
E S Dunlap to one table Paid .50
Vincent Barns to corn in the crib 20 ½ bushel .27 bu ---
Joseph Robinson to one Wheat stack 6.25

Log Waggon

January 28th AD 1837 Teste James F. Shelby Clerk

State of Indiana Shelby County SS
            We above named James F. Kelly makes oath that the above is a just and a true account of the Sale of the personal Estate of Neil C. Robinson late of said County deceased Sworn before me a justis of the peace of said County the 31st day of January 1837
                                Thomas Thompson JP.     (SEAL)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Complaint  of  Widow

Ileivina Robison
Jos. Robison Admr &c
Filed in Open Court May Term 1837 Sylvan B. Morris Clerk

State of Indiana Probate Court of Shelby County
Shelby County May Term 1837

To the honourable Jacob Kennerly Judge of the Probate Court of Shelby county
            Humbly complaining shew unto your honour your oratrix, That in the month of September in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Seven [this is really 1836? - see divorce subpeona below] your oratrix was intermarried with Neal C. Robison late of Shelby County deceased so continued in the relation of Husband and wife up to the time of his decease and that shortly before the decease of the said Neal C. Robison your oratrix went on a visit to the daughter of your oratrix who resides in the County of Laport in the state of Indiana, and that during the absence of your oratrix as aforesaid the said Neal C. Robison suddenly departed this life in the month of November in the year 1836 of which your oratrix was not informed for a considerable time afterwards and that upon learning information of the decease of the said Neal C. Robison your oratrix went to Joseph Robison, a son of your oratrix and informed him not to take any proceedings towards the Administration of the Estate of the said deceased.  And your oratrix further states that in consequence of the impossible condition of the roads and the difficulty of procuring any mode of conveyance from the said County of Laport to the County of Shelby your oratrix was unable to reach or arrive at the said County of Shelby previous to the ___ day of January AD 1837 and that your oratrix arrived in the said [county] of Shelby on the ___ day of January AD 1837
            And your oratrix further states that on the ___ day of ___ in the year 183-  the said Joseph Robison contrary to the directions and with the consent of your oratrix obtained letters of administration on the Estate of the said Neal C. Robison from the Clerk of the Probate Court of Shelby county aforesaid and that immediately after such granting towit of said letters of administration the said Joseph Robison filed in the office of the said Clerk on the first day of February 1837 an Inventory of said Estate a copy of which is herewith filed and made a part of this Bill of complaint and marked A. and that shortly afterward he died on the first February aforesaid the said Joseph Robison filed in the office of the said Clerk a Sale bill of the personal property a copy of which is herewith filed and made a part of this bill or complaint. On her arrival at the county of Shelby aforesaid and your oratrix further represents that previous to the confirmation of the granting of said Letters by your honorable Court at the February Tem 1837 thereof your oratrix was as administrator of the Estate aforesaid applied to the said Joseph Robinson to hand over to your oratrix her one hundred dollars with property of assent and distribution allow to the widow of all decedents and for which she was not bound to account in any manner whatsoever at the appraised value thereof according to the inventory of said Joseph Robison as aforesaid to which the said Joseph consent upon which your oratrix permitted the said Letters to be confirmed having placed implicit confidence in the veracity and integrity of the said Joseph.
            And your oratrix furthers shews that the said Joseph refused to assign, set over, and deliver to your oratrix the aforesaid one hundred dollars worth of property at the appraised value aforesaid except the list of articles the appraised value of which is forty five dollars and 68 ¾ cents, as part of her said one hundred dollars and therefore this remains due to your oratrix of the said one hundred dollars the sum of fifty four dollars and thirty one and a fourth cents.

            And your oratrix frequently and in a friendly manner applied to the said administrator to allow to your oratrix the said Balance towit fifty four dollars and 31 ¼ cents of the said one hundred dollars, which your oratrix will hoped he would have done. But now so it may to please your honour that the said Administrator in order to defeat and defraud your oratrix from the benefits of the Statute of descents distribution & dower and to prevent her from receiving of the one hundred dollars so which by said law she is entitled pretends that your oratrix did not claim the sum previous to the sale of the effects of said Estate and therefore is not entitled to her said one hundred dollars whereas your oratrix expressly charges that your oratrix in consequence of the impossible conditions of the roads from Laporte County to the County of Shelby and this consequent Scarcity of traveling conveyance rendered the sooner appearance of your oratrix at the County of Shelby impossible, and your oratrix further charges that she went to the said Administrator and directed him not to administer on the Estate of the said decedent and that she wished to claim her said one hundred dollars worth of property out of the said Estate she of which is contrary to equity and tend to the manifest wrong and injury of your oratrix in consideration whereof and forasmuch as your oratrix is without redress at law your oratrix prays that the said Joseph Robison Administrator as aforesaid may true answers make to all and singular the promises as fully and particularly as if the same were here repeated and he distinctly interrogated and that the said Joseph Robison will render a true and correct account of the effects which have come to his hands as Administrator of the said Estate and also whither your oratrix did not direct the said Joseph Robison not administer on said Estate and that this administration on the same should be suspended until your oratrix could claim her said one hundred dollars worth of property, and also your oratrix prays your honour to deem the said Joseph Robison administrator as aforesaid to pay and satisfy your oratrix her said demand of fifty four dollars and 31 ¼ cents and grant unto your oratrix the writs and subpoena directed to the said Joseph Robison to be and appear at the next August term of your honourable Court and abide such order and answer as your honourable Court may make and such further and other relief as to your power may meet and your oratrix will ever pray &c.
Ilavina Robison                                

Joseph Robison Admr                 Chancery
Ilyvinia Robertson Answer
Filed August 18th 1837     S. B. Morris Clerk

    Joseph Robison Admr Court of Shelby County
                Ats On Chancery August Term 1837
Iluvina Robison
The Answer of Joseph Robison

            This defendant protesting not confessing or Resureing to himself all exception to the many imperfections and inconsistancies in the said bill for answer to so much of said bill as this defendant is apprised that it is natural or necessary to answer for answer says that he admits the death of the said Neal C. Robison the taking out of the letters of administration the valuation and sale of said personal estate of said Neal C. Robison, that said compliant was the wife & widow of said decedent & the amount of property is correctly delivered to said widow by this defendant as administrator is correctly stated in said bill But this defendant denies ever having received any letter from said complainant previous to his taking out letters of administration or of having any knowledge that said complainant intended returning from Laport County until after all the personal property had been sold at public sale except what the said complainant received as in said bill stated ?folenies having promised to let the said widow have $100 as property as stated in bill 
            This defendant prays to be dismissed with his proper costs and charges in this behalf & as in duty bound will every pray   
Joseph Robinson
                                            Sworn to in open Court
            Sworn to and Subscribed in open Court August 18th 1837             S. B. Morris Clerk

[This document was also included in the estate papers.  Evidently the suit was either not pursued or not granted.  It may explain why the 'widow' was "not informed for a considerable time afterwards" as she states above.]

                Neal C. Robison     VS     Ilivina Robison Divorce
Files in the Shelby Circuit Court (Ind)
Sept 1836 Clerks fees to wit
Filing bill issuing Summons & filing Services .62 ½
Docketing Cause 12 ½ Ent action .06 Copy of bill .31 .50
Postage 12 ½ Filing precip in Subpas & filing 1.18 ½
Ent deft praticulers appearance .06 ½
Motion & Rule to amend .10 Continuance .20 .30
Docketing 12 ½ Amended Bill & Summons .87 ½
Swearing 1 Wits 12 ½ Discontinuance 12 ½ .25
Ent Fees .12 ½
$4.17 ½
Shff Laport County on Summons .47 ½
Shff Shelby County Subpa 1.32
Jonathan Lee 2.00
Robert McCarty 1.00
Copy Teste S. B. Morris Clk


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Joseph Robinson Admr of Estate of N. C. Robinson dec
Complaint of Insolvency
Filed November 15th 1837 in Open Court S. B. Morris Clk

            Showing a defisit of (Explaination of cost of Administration) $13.24
Such is the condition of the estate of this deceased both real and personal, and the amount of debts outstanding against it so far as the same have come to the hands or knowledge of your memorialist. To the above statement it clearly appears that the whole property real and personal of the said deceased which has been made assets in the hands of your memoralist to be administered is insufficient to satisfy the debts and demands against it Your memoralist therefore prays that he may be allowed to settle the said estate as insolvent in conformity with the statute in such case provided that the creditors of said estate may be notified accordingly and that he may have such other and further relief as may be consistant with Justice and Equity and your memoralist will pray &c
                                                            Joseph Robinson Admr


Complaint of insolvency

            To the honorable Jacob Kennerly Judge of the Probate Court of Shelby county in the State of Indiana; The memorial of Joseph Robinson administrator of the estate of Neal C. Robison deceased respectfully sheweth; That the amount of the personal estate of the said deceased which has come to his hands to be administered including debts due the estate at the appraised Value as appears by an inventory thereof
made on files in this Court is  - -    $128.75
Inventory taken by widow     45.68
There is no real estate $174.43

The following sums were due and owing by the said decedent, towit:
To Thomas Wooly about $ 9.00
To Mary W. Smith about 17.00
To a Mr ___ at St. Omer about 7.00
To Doctor Griffith 10.17
To Joseph Robinson 25.00
To Doctor Davis 2.50
Taken by the widow as part of her one hundred dollars 45.68 ¾ 
amount allowed widow by court part of her $100.00 54.31 ¼
To Mr ___ for Coffin 7.00
Cost of Administration     10.00
Total debts $187.67
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The Estate of Neal C. Robinson To Joseph Robinson Dr
            To taking care of said Neal C. Robinson & boarding him for 2 months before his death and for especial care & trouble in attending to him in his last sickness for the last 2 weeks before his death all of which was at my house for which I charge ten dollars $10.00
Sworn to in open Court, Febry 14th 1838         S. B. Morris Clk P.C. S.C. Ind.


1836 the estate of Neal C. Robertson deceased to the Estate of Thomas E. R. Davis deceased. Dr Nov 16th Viset Madison             $2.50


Personally came Harmon Avery Adm of the estate of Thomas R. E. Davis dec’d & makes oath that the above claim is Just to the best of my belief Nov 19th 1837         W. Major     J.P.


Shelbyville Feb 14, 1838
            Rec’d of Joseph Robison three dollars and fifty cents in full for publishing notice of insolvency of the N. C. Robison 6 weeks in the Indiana Statesman
Donnavan S. Wilkinson


            Rec’d of Joseph Robison three dollars ninety three cents for Sroud for Neal C. Robison Deceased Feb 13th 1838
M. Floyd


            Monies Expended by Joseph Robinson Admr in Settling the Estate of Neal C. Robinson Deceased
To Appraisers of property 1.50
To Clerk of Sale .75
To Coleman printer for publishing first notice 1.00
To Cash to Matthias Floyd for Shroud &c per rect 3.93 ¾
Monies paid to Attorney for assistance during administration          5.00
$12.18 ¾ 
Administrator allowances for 


                Received of Joseph Robison Administrator of the Estate of Neal C. Robison deceased fifty five dollars and ____ cents in full of a Judgment obtained by me against the said Joseph Robison as administrator as aforesaid for the one hundred dollars allowed to widow under the laws of descent distribution and dower this twelfth day of February 1838
Ileyvina Robison


November 1836
            Joseph Robison Dr to James Price for 1 Coffin $5.00
I have received and retained in my hands of the Monies appropriated to the superior claims in Neal C. Robinson’s Estate—
Monies laid out by Admr $12.18¾
Admr allowance for settling Estate 10.00
Joseph Robinson’s account 10.00
32.18 ¾
& paid over to Clerks his fees 7.25
Davis & Griffins Acct 7.50
& for ordinary debts    21.00


Feby 15, 1838                            Joseph Robinson by R. Mayhew Atty


The property sold was appraised           $133.63
The same was sold for    128.75


$ 4.88


N. C. Robertson’s Ordinary Claims

Neal C. Robison Deceased                             Dr
            To Philip Leacetser? & Stephen Major
To Counsel and services rendered in Instituting and conducting proceeding against Illyvina Robison in favour of the said Neal C. Robison in the Shelby Circuit Court in the year 1836 


Neal C. Robinson deceased
Joseph Robinson Admr Account Merry W. Smith Act $17.08
Filed February sixth 1838

State of Indiana
Shelby County SS
            Be it remembered that on the 12th day of January 1838 comes Mery W. Smith the within named Creditor before me the undersigned a justice of the peace of Noble township in said County and deposeth and saith on oath that the within demand against the Estate of Neal C. Robison late of Disseased of Shelby County is a just and true demand and further saith not.
Thomas Thompson        A Justis of the Peace
Justes cost 25 cents
August the 22nd Day 1836                            Dr
Neal C. Robinson to Mery W. Smith 
To 1 french harp .25
To 1 qt Brandy Coniac 1.00
30th      to 1 pt wine .19
“      to 1 tobaco .25
Sep 5      to lb tobacco .19
8      to 2 glasses wine & 1 tobaco      .38
20      to 1 pt wine & segars .25
to 1 glass wine .13
to 2 ½ coffee .50
to ½ lb tobacco .10
to ¼ of imperial tea .38
to 1 pt wine & ginger cake .25
23      to 4 yds red tape .12
to wine .13
24      to 1 qt wine .38
27      to wine .13
o 6 ½ yds Calico 2.44
to 8 yds Calico 3.80
to 1 skein silk .08
29      to 1 pt wine .19
to 1 plug tobacco .04
Oct 10      to wine 2 glasses .25
13       to 3 glasses wine .38
28       to 1 lb tobacco .19
Nov 8       to ½ yd Drab Cloth 1.75
to ½ yd of janes .63
to 8 skeins thred .24
to ¼ impereal tea .15
to one par Boots    3.50
Cr By Cash 19 cts .19
By Danel French     .84


The Estate of Neal C. Robinson To Joseph Robinson                     Dr
July 1836    To 3 days work in harvesting @ .75 per day          $ 2.25
To Monies paid for him to Howe & Smith 13.56
To Monies paid for him to Merry W. Smith     4.00
Sworn to and in open Court by the above named Joseph Robinson Febry 14th 1838 
S. B. Morris Clerk                    

Received of Joseph Robberson the sum of thirteen Dollars and fifty six cts paymt to Howe & Smith Executed by Neal C. Robeson, Deceased and due to us on the 25th day of December 1837 and also one Note so due to me against the 25th day of December 1837 for four dollars Received payment by Joseph Robenson in full up to the above date this given under my hand and seal this the 13th day of February 1838
Mery W. Smith            

Neal C. Robison deceased      To Jonathan Griffen


Nov 16 1836 To one visit in haste attendance        $ 5.00
Mar 6 1837 To Cash paid Harvey Vanpelt     5.17


State of Indiana
Shelby County
            Be it rememberd that on the twenty seventh day of April in the year 1837 personally appeared before me Thos. F. Fleming a Justice of the peace for said County personally appeared the above named Jonathan Griffen who being duly sworn upon his oath says that the above account against the Estate of Neal C. Robison late of Shelby Indiana deceased is Just and true and that the above amount nor any part thereof never has been paid to the said Jonathan Griffen or in any manner satisfied and further saith not. Jonathan Griffin
            Sworn and Subscribed before me this 27 Ap 1837
Thomas F. Fleming      Justice of the Peace     (SEAL)            

State of Indiana
Shelby County                 SS
                                                                   Probate Court                 November Term 1837
Joseph Robison, Administrator of the estate Neal C. Robison, dec’d.
The said administrator having filed in said Court, his complaint of insolvency, and praying that the creditors of said decedent be notified of the filing and pendency thereof, as required by law:
            Therefore, the creditors of the said decedent are hereby severally notified, of the filing and pendency of said complaint; and further, that unless such creditors, notify said Administrator , of [-torn-] extent and nature of their respective claims, by [-torn-] the same, or a statement of the nature, description and date of the contract or assumpsit, upon which the same is founded, in the office of the Clerk of said Court, on or before the 3d day of the nest term, when and where a final distribution of said estate will be made, such claims will be postponed in favor of the claims of the more diligent creditors.
                                                                                                         By order of said Court
Jan 6, 1838                                                                                         S. B. Morris Clerk

Contributed by Barb Huff

Notes from Barb and Phyllis:  We haven't found a marriage record for Neal and Ilavina yet.  We did find a possible third marriage for her -- Iley Vina Robison married Benjamin Spencer in Porter County, Indiana, on May 4, 1839.

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