Estate of

George  Bush,  dec'd

Probate Order Book C
Pages 501 & 502

August Term 1846

Now comes the said administrator and thereupon James M. Sleeth Esq is by the Court appointed Guardian ad litem for

             John Oliver Bush,  James Bush  and  Elizabeth Ann Bush who are minors and Dependants to the petition of Joseph Oldham Administrator of said estate, who files his answer here which reads in the words following to wit (here insert) And  Margaret Jane Bush  and  Jonathan W. Andrews  the residue of the Defendants to said petition herein being called three times comes not but fail to plead answer or demur to said petition and it appears to the satisfaction of the Court by the Sheriff return that all of said Defendants have been duly served with process issued in this behalf more than twenty days before the present term of this Court. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that the said petition and the matters and things therein contained as to the said Margaret Jane Bush and Jonathan W. Andrews be taken and held as for confessed and true. And thereupon it is ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court that the said Joseph Oldham administrator as aforesaid and who is heretofore ordered directed and fully authorized to sell either at public or private sale as he may think most to the interest of said estate the said title bond of said Jonathan W. Andrews to said George Bush together with all the interest claim and demand of the said George Bush dec'd of in and to the  South East quarter of the South West quarter of Section twenty seven in Township fourteen North of Range Six East  (except two and a half acres off of the South West Corner thereof) as mentioned and described in said title bond. So that he make such sale in all respects according to law, and of his proceedings herein he is required to make report at the next term of this Court until which time this cause is continued.

Contributed by Barb Huff

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