Estate of

Phillip Ensminger

Box 184

St. Clair Ensminger Administrator

Filed April 17, 1880
Fred H. Chueden Clerk

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Petition  to  Sell  Property  at  Private  Sale

Order Book 20      Page 215

In the Estate of Philip Ensminger decd In the Shelby Circuit court
March Term 1880
St.Clair Ensminger as the Administrator of the Estate of Philip Ensminger decd. Shows to the Court that said decedent was at his death the owner of 1 Feather bed, Three quilts and other bed clothing and other household furniture and thirteen bushels of wheat, that being all the personal property he was owner of at his death except certain notes, that said property is appraised in the aggregrate at $30.50 as shown by the Inventory on file. That the interest of said Estate requires that said personal property be sold at private sale without notice. Wherefore he asks an order accordingly.
St.Clair Ensminger
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 15" day of April 1880
Albert F. Wray     Notary Public      

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Report  of  Sale

Order Book 20 page 337
In Matter of Estate of Phillip Ensminger dec In the Circuit Court
Probate No. 84
St. Clair Ensminger as the administrator of the Estate of Phillip Ensminger deceased respectfully presents the following report of the sale of personal property of said decedent. He shows that pursuant to the order of Court herein he sold at private sale for cash to the children of said decedent the personal property of said decedent described in the petition herein consisting of about 13 bushels of old wheat a lot of bed clothing and other household furniture, all of which is appraised in the Inventory of said Estate on file; that the aggregate amount received at the sale of said property is $217.90, that being in the aggregate more than the appraised value of the same. And he shows that the property was various and numerous small articles of household goods of small value, bought by various members of the decedents family. And he asks that this report be in all things confirmed. St.Clair Ensminger
Subscribed and sworn to before m this 28" day of June 1880
Albert F. Wray Notary Public

March Term 1882
19 Day (Probate)  Circuit Court

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Final  Settlement

Order Book  23        Pages  201 202

            The deceased made the following further advancements

To Cloe Conull a daughter                               $40.00

To Roxey A. Wilson  a daughter                     120.00

To Julia Ensminger a daughter                       100.00 -    $260.00

            Total amount for distribution                                   $1304.55

There are nine heirs and this leaves to each heir the sum of    $144.55

            Philip Ensminger died on the 28th day of March 1880, leaving no widow but the following children and grand children

            Delila Rucker, a daughter, who died some 12 years ago leaving as her only heirs three children towit:
  Julia A. Rucker,  Lizzie Rucker  and  Jennie Green, all adults reside in Shelby County, Indiana,  Jennie Green resides in Rush Co., Ind.  St.Clair Ensminger, a son, Cloe Conull, a daughter, who resides at Mocasin P.O. Effingham Co., Ills., John Ensminger, a son who died just before his father, leaving the following children,  Romaine W. Ensminger,  Jennie M. Ensminger  adults,  Flora B. Ensminger,  Harriet E. Ensminger,  George H. Ensminger  &  Charles C. Ensminger minors and  Louisa E. Ensminger  their mother is guardian, the heirs all live in Shelby county, Indiana.  Andrew Ensminger  a son Shelby Co. Ind.  Julian Ensminger  a son died since his father leaving as his heirs his widow  Jennie Ensminger  who is guardian of her children who are all minors and their names cannot be given live in Shelby County Indiana.  Roxey Ann Wilson  a daughter Shelby Co. Ind.  Mary Lewis  who died before her father leaving two children minors  Flora Lewis  and  Lucian Lewis  and the undersigned is their guardian resides in Shelby Co. Indiana.  William A. Ensminger  a son  Shelby Co. Indiana.

            The debts have all been paid and the expenses of settlement of the Estate is paid and the Administrator as soon as he found he could do so safely he paid to each heir or their representative or Guardian the sum of One hundred and twenty five dollars less the advancements to  Cloe Canull  Roxey A. Wilson  and  Julian Ensminger  as aforesaid and now files the receipts herewith and makes the same a part of this report.  To William  and  Andrew Ensminger  he paid each One hundred and fifty dollars who afterwards refunded to the Administrator all over their distribution share $144.95 each.

            After the distribution of One hundred and twenty five dollars to each heir or their representative, the final distribution left the sum of $19.95 coming to each heir or their representative and the Administrator has paid them in full and taken the receipts in full from the heirs and Guardians and files them herewith, and makes them a part of this report and this Estate, having been fully administered upon asks that this report be approved and the Administrator finally discharged.
St Clair Ensminger

            Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of February 1882.
(L.S.)               John S. Ferris
                                 Notary Public

Transcribed by Barb Huff  for  Bob McKenzie

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