Shelby Circuit Court
October Term 1899


In  the  Matter  of  the
Adoption  of

Donald  Jarvis  Bright

Nov 13  1899
F. Glessner

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State of Indiana Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County October Term 1899

          In the Matter of the Adoption of  Donald Jarvis Bright  by  Joseph B. Plymate  and  Luvinia C. Plymate.

          To Hon. Douglas Morris, Judge of said court.
We, the undersigned, on our oaths, say that our names are respectfully Joseph B. Plyate and Luvinia C. Plymate and that we are husband and wife and reside in Shelby County, Indiana;  that we want to adopt said Donald Jarvis Bright as our child;  that the name of said child is now donald Jarvis Bright'  its age is 5 months and it has no property;  that is mother is dead;  that its father is alive, is  Albert Bright  and he resides near Shelbyville, Indiana.  That we are the grandparents of such child and want its name changed to  Donald Jarvis Plymate.

/s/   J. B. Plymate
/s/   Luvinia C. Plymate
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Nov. 14-  1899.
/s/   F. Glessner,  Clerk

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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