Shelby  County  Indiana
Courthouse  Records

Samuel  Bonner,  dec'd

Probate Order Book C,  page 33

Nancy Bonner, administratrix of the estate of  Samuel Bonner  deceased.  It is ordered adjuged and decreed by the court now here that the distribution of the said sum of $67.41 the balance of cash in the hands of said administratrix be made as follows to the widow of said decedent.  The sum of $22.47 cash to  Mary Ann Perry  wife of  Ezekiel Perry  late  Mary Ann Bonner;  James Bonner;  Emeline Bonner;  Elizabeth Bonner  and  Louisa Bonner (minor) children and heirs of the said Samuel Bonner deceased each the sum of $8.99 the dower and distribution shares of said personal estate and Nancy Bonner widow of said decedent here now in open court acknowledges the receipt of the said sum of $22.47 in full of her dower of said personal estate and the said administratrix files here in open court the receipt of the guardian of the said James Emeline and Elizabeth and Louisa Bonner for the sum of $35.75 the distributive shares of the said wards above decreed to them.  And it is further ordered that the said administratrix file in the office of the clerk of this court the receipt of the said Mary Ann Perry for the amount of the distributive share above decreed which when done shall be a full and final settlement of the estate.

Book C; Page 35

Nancy Bonner guardian of the persons and estates of  James Bonner et al:  comes now into open court Nancy Bonner and moves the court to appoint a guardian for  James Bonner, Emaline Bonner, Elizabeth Bonner, and Louisa Bonner minors under the age of fourteen years, heirs of Samuel Bonner deceased and the premises being seen it is considered by the court now here that Nancy Bonner be and she is hereby appointed guardian of the person and estates of the said James Bonner Emaline Bonner Elizabeth Bonner and Louisa Bonner and the said Nancy Bonner as guardian as aforesaid here now files her bond with security to the acceptance of the court and takes the oath as required by the statue in such case made.

Contributed by Donna Perry

[This estate was settled in 1836-PMF]

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