Estate  of

Alexander  Cory,  dec'd

Joseph A. Church           }  
}         In the Shelby Circuit Court
Loretta C. Smith }     Shelby County Indiana
Sarah F. Cory }               April Term 1864
Frank M. Cory }  
Henry S. Cory }  
Loretta Cory }  
Laura Cory }

Joseph A. Church  plaintiff complains of  Loretta C. Cory  Sarah F. Cory
Frank M. Cory  Henry S. Cory  Loretta Cory  and  Laura Cory and says,  That heretofore To wit. in March 1864 one  Alexander Cory  departed this life in Shelby County leaving him surviving his widow Loretta Cory (now Loretta C. Smith)  and the following children  Sarah F. Cory  Frank M. Cory  Henry S. Cory  Loretta Cory  and Laura Cory, who are all under the age of Twenty one years, and all the Infant heirs of the said Alexander Cory dec'd. - and that said above widow and heirs reside in Shelby County Indiana and are made party defendants to this complaint   Said plaintiff further avers, that the said Alexander Cory and his wife Loretta Cory (now Loretta Smith) did on the 18" day of September 1858 did convey and warrent to one  David Kemp  for and in consideration of the Sum of     [blank]     dollars, the following described real Estate situate in the County of Shelby and State of Indiana, To wit, A part of the North East quarter of the North West quarter of  Section 26   Township 14

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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