Guardianship of the

Minor  Heirs  of  Joseph  Roarty, dec'd

Order Book 29 page 320 
BOX 263

Guardianship of Minor Heirs of  Joseph Rorety  deceased
John W. Wert Guardian             Final Report
Examined approved Guardian discharged         K. M. Hord Judge
Filed June 22, 1885             A.J. Gorgas Clerk

State of Indiana In the Shelby Circuit Court
Shelby County SS  March Term 1885
Guardianship of minor heirs of Joseph Rorety deceased    
John W. Wert Guardian  John W. Wert
          Guardian of said minors would represent and show to the Court that he was appointed to said trust for the purpose of making an application for Pension for said wards. That no sum of money or property of any kind came to his hands at the time of his appointment. That said Pension has never been granted. That he has never received anything for said wards except the sum of $16.00 paid to him by said wards to assist in defraying the expenses of said trust.
Total Charges  $16.50
          Said Guardian shows that since his appointment he has paid out for and on account of said wards the sum of $37.44 as shown by statement filed herewith marked 
"Exhibit A" and he asks credit for the same in the sum of  $37.44
Voucher 1 Paid A.J. Gorgas as Clerk costs 8.94
Voucher 2 Paid Love, Major & Morrison Attys.  2.00
Total credits $48.38
Excess of credit overcharges  $31.88
          Said Guardian shows that he has been cited to report herein. That he has paid all costs in said Guardianship. That his wards are now each over 21 years of age.
          Wherefore he asks that his Report be approved, that a Judgment and allowances against said wards and in his favor be made for said sum of $31.88 due him. That he be discharged from said citation and finally discharged from said Guardianship.
J. W. Wert

Subscribed & sworn to before me this 22nd day of March 1885
H. C. Morrison       Notary Public

"Exhibit A"

Indianapolis March 18th 1884
Report of J. W. Wert                 As the Guardian of the Heirs of Joseph Roarty
April 25 Certificate of Births of each child 1.00

" "

Postage .15
Aug 5th Trip to Shelbyville Certificate Dr. McFadden 1.70
2 meals at Shelbyville .50
Oct " 3 trips to Irvington Ind. Dr. Tilford Certificate by buggy 2.00

" " 

Fee before Co. Clerk Tilford .15
Feb 10 Certificate of J. B. Parker at Catlin, Illinois .55
April 15th Certificate & Papers of J. Gosney - Missouri  1.00

" " 

Postage same .18
Trip to Newton Illinois & return for evidence & birth
of George Roarty Car fare
Meals & lodging at Newton, Illinois 2.00
June 20  Certificate of S. B. Hine at Elliottsville Ind. 1.25

" " 

Marriage Certificate of Mr. & Mrs. Roarty 1.00

" " 

Postage to Washington .21
Trip to Flat Rock for Guardian papers 1.70
2 meals .50
Nov 6 Paper proof of death of Mrs. Roarty before Squire
& Co. Clerk
March Trip to Rosedale Ind & return for evidence 5.75
May 15 Certificate from Dr. Tilford at Windom Minnesota
His fee 5.00 Papers .50
January Advertising in Daily papers for the address of Comrads 3.15
May 15 Postage      .15

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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