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Preston  Butler

Box 51

Preston Butler Estate


Filed September 21, 1863
            A. Blair Clk

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State of Indiana                                           In Court Common Pleas Shelby County
              Jeremiah Butler, on behalf of  Eleanor Butler  who is the widow of  Preston Butler  deceased represents to the Court, that on the or about the 7th day of September 1863, the said Preston Butler departed this life intestate, leaving no real Estate and leaving personal property not worth over three hundred dollars and he asks the Court to make an order vesting the same in the said Eleanor, as the widow of the said decedent.
September 21, 1863                             Jeremiah Butler


Preston Butler Estate
Inventory &c Box 51
Filed September 30, 1863
A. Blair, Clk

The State of Indiana Shelby County, SS:
                            I, Alonzo Blair, Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of said County, do certify that upon the proper petition being this day filed, I have appointed  Absalom Green  and  Peter Todd  the latter as the selection of the widow, to appraise the estate, real and personal of Preston Butler, late of said County, deceased, who are required, after taking the oath as prescribed by law, to proceed and make a full and complete Inventory and appraisement of the estate of said decedent, and return the same to me at the Clerks’ Office of said Court, or unto Open Court, at the next term thereof.
                            Witness my hand and the seal of said Court this 21st day of September A.D. 1863.
Alonzo Blair, Clerk        
                            We do solemnly swear that we will honestly and truly appraise the Estate of Preston Butler deceased, according to law So help us God.
Absalom Green     X     Peter Todd

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 30th day of September 1863.
Alonzo Blair     Clerk                                                

     An Inventory of the personal estate which was of Preston Butler, 
late of Shelby County deceased, as made by Absalom Green and 
Peter Todd appraisers, duly appointed and sworn for that purpose.
one stove and furniture 3.00
two Beds & Beding @ 6.50 13.00
one cubbord & ware 5.00
one side saddle 3.00
one Lard can & Lot of Bbbs 2.50
one pitch fork & ˝ of a Broad ax 1.50
one Lot of tobacco 3.00
two shovel Plows & wiffletrees 3.50
one ax & square 1.15
one spoted sow & pigs 6.00
ten head stock Hogs 40.00
one Horse 30.00
one Red Cow 16.00
two Calves @ 7.00 14.00
one steer 9.00
12 Acres growing corn @ 7.00 per acre            84.00
one waggon 25.00
one set of harness 2.00
one white sow 6.00
one straw stack 3.00
two Acres of Corn & Cain 10.50
a Lot of Pottry & flax 7.00

The State of Indiana Shelby County SS:
                            We Absalom Green and Peter Todd swear that the foregoing is a full and true Inventory and appraisement of all the personal property of Preston Butler, deceased, which has come to our Knowledge, So help us God.
Absalom Green                 Peter Todd
Subscribed & sworn to before me this 30 day of September 1863.
        A. Blair Clk

Transcribed by Barb Huff  for Paulane

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