Jackson  Coffman,  dec'd


Deposition of the Widow

Box 389

State of Missouri
Crawford County

             Mary E. Albi  being first duly sworn in oath deposes and says, that she is the widow of  Jackson Coffman, declared, and was since intermarried with  J. Alby.  He [?] and further says that said Jackson Coffman departed this life intestate at Shelbyville Ind       on or about Jan 25 1881.   that said Jackson Coffman deceased, was a son of  Henri Coffman  who departed this life intestate at Mt. Auburn, Ind. on or about December 1891    that the said Jackson Coffman, left as his children and heirs at law  Annie B. Teksword[?],  Marlin M[?]. Coffman  and  Jenni Kockendarfer  who are adults and  Daniel W Coffman  and  F. E. [Fannie E] Coffman  who are minors and wards of  B. H. Hane[?]bers of  Eta Illinois.
               Mary E. Alby X

Subscribed & [?]
before me this 6th (day)
of July 1893
                    Eugene A. Evans
(Last line cut off)
Transcribed by Mary Harrell Sesniak

[Note:  Mary Coffman married Joshua Alby on February 4, 1883, in Shelby Co, IN.  I believe this is Mary Tucker, who married Andrew J Coffman on March 30, 1871, also in Shelby Co, IN.-pmf]
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