Guardianship  of  Rachel  P. Stone

Disposed of December Term 1894
Shelby Circuit Court December Term, 1894
In Re. Guardianship of  Rachel P. Stone, a minor; Minerva Hamilton Guardian
Box 408                     44-94 Final Report
Examined & Approved & Guardian discharged           W. J. Buckingham Judge
Filed January 8, 1895           J. W. Powers Clerk
E. H. Chadwick Attorney for Guardian

State of Indiana                                               Shelby Circuit Court
County of Shelby SS: December Term 1895

In the Matter of the Guardianship of Rachel P. Stone, a minor         FINAL REPORT
Minerva Hamilton, Guardian

                    Comes now the above named Guardian and shows to the Court that by her last report in the above entitled trust, and at the date thereof, towit: January 18th 1892, the said Guardian was credited with payment made in said trust and in behalf of said ward in excess of receipts in the sum of Five Dollars and Ninety Eight cents.
                    The said Guardian shows further that she received into her hands on the Eighteenth day of January 1892, by way of a loan of money Secured by a mortgage upon ward's real-Estate, 
upon order of said court, the sum of  


And that she has since received from ward's real-Estate by way of rental, 
the same covering all rentals not heretofore accounted for, in the sum of 
making total amount of moneys to be now accounted for in said trust,    $350.00
And the said Guardian further shows that she has paid out the following moneys 
in the said trust in behalf of the said ward, towit:
Paid to ward herself for necessary spending money, 
Paid out in Taxes upon the said ward's real-Estate    59.93
Paid out by way of interest on loan   49.50
Paid to W.A. Bodine, for merchandise for ward    16.93
Paid to M. Myers, for merchandise for ward    12.42
Paid to J. J. Schackle, for shoes & repairing of same    20.40
Paid to E. H. Chadwick, Attorney's fees in trust    12.00
Paid for tile and ditching ward's real-Estate    20.75
Paid for clearing ground on ward's real-Estate    35.00
Paid for rails and road tax    9.75
Credit from last report above mentioned with interest    7.00
Paid J. W. Powers, Clerk's cost in trust    2.20
Making total credits to which Guardian is entitled to trust to date    $348.10
To which credits must be added taxes paid in April 1894, amounting to           7.00
And more, and making total credits in said trust    $355.10

And leaving no moneys in the hands of said Guardian in said trust for said ward.
Said Guardian further shows to the Court that her said ward became of the age of  Twenty One years on the 21st day of September 1894; and that she has this day had a full and final settlement with said ward, and that said ward has receipted said Guardian in full as follows, towit:

Morristown, Ind. January 7th 1895
                    This is to Certify that I have had a full and complete settlement with Minerva Hamilton hitherto appointed Guardian of my Estate; that I am fully acquainted with the matters and things set forth and stated in the above and foregoing report; that I am satisfied that the said statements and account are true and correct, and that there is nothing now due me from the said Guardian in said trust; I further State and declare that I am now over the age of Twenty One years; and I hereby Certify my full and free consent to the discharge of my said Guardian from said trust, and from all further liability to me therein.
Witness me hand this 7th day of January 1895.                             Rachel P. Stone
Witness Jesse K. Swope

                    The said Guardian further shows to the Court that she hereby releases and relinquishes to her said ward in full all claim she might have against her by reason of the excess of moneys paid out to the sum of moneys received in said trust as above shown and set forth.
                    Said Guardian further declares that the receipt and certificate of her said ward, as above set out, is true and genuine as it purports to be,
                    Wherefore, the said Guardian asks that this her final report in the above entitled trust, be in all things approved by the Court, that the same be declared closed; and the said Guardian now finally and forever discharged therefrom and form all liability therein.                                                     Minerva Hamilton
Subscribed and Sworn to before me this 7th day of January 1895.         Geo. B. Jordan Notary Public

Transcribed by Barb Huff

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