Estate  of  Nancy  H. Wright

Estate of Nancy H. Wright, Dec’d
George M. Wright, Executor

Exceptions to 1st report

     Comes now John A. Wright and shows to the court he is one of the legatees under the will of Nancy H. Wright, dec’d and entitled to share in her estate on final distribution. That as such legatee and being interested in said estate, now files objections and exceptions to the Executor’s report filed and submitted and asking to be approved by this court. He objects & excepts to the allowance of the following credits therein asked, represented by the following numbered vouchers and their amounts respectively. No. 1 for $58.61 - No. 2 for $45.00 - No. 3 for $42.90 - No. 4 for $30.00 - No. 5 for $23.90 - No. 6 for $ 47.45 - No. 7 for $39.69 - No. 8 for $16.40 - No. 9 for $322.60, for the reason the amounts shown to have been paid by such vouchers and each of them, were not debts of the estate of Nancy H. Wright, at her death,
#2, because each of said sums so paid out by said executor, were for work, material and improvements made by said executor on the real estate owned by, said decedent, with others at her death; and this executor had no right or authority, by the will of said decedent to expend said money on the real estate; and for the further no order of this court was ever applied for nor granted authorizing said Executor to expend said money of the land of decedent and others.
#3, The will of decedent duly probated, in this court, only gives the executor power to sell the real estate of said decedent. He objects & excepts to the allowance, of the amounts represented by the following vouchers & the amounts Viz: No. 10 for $17.80 - No. 13 for $20.95 - No. 14 for $17.20 - No. 15 for $22.28 - No. 16 for $5.66 - No. 18 for $5.66 - No. 19 fir $5.46 - No. 20 for $5.24 - No. 23 for $5.70 - No. 25 for $5.35 - No. 26 for $5.14 - No. 27 for $26.56 - No. 21 for $34.56 for the reason that said vouchers No. 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, & 26 and the amounts represented thereby show they & each of them were not paid by such Executor; also the property on which said taxes were paid was not in the name of said Nancy H. Wright at her death; but the title is held by the Shelbyville Trust Co. by whom the vouchers show the taxes were paid. That vouchers No. 21 & 27 are for taxes paid on land a part of which was owned by said decedent, at her death, but was not a proper claim against the estate of Nancy H. Wright, when paid; and he asks that said vouchers, for which such executor asks credit be, and that each of them be rejected and not allowed as proper credits against said trust estate. That said vouchers, that were paid with the funds in the hands of such executor, were paid with rent money derived from the land, which rent money belonged to the owners of the land & not to the estate.

D. L. Wilson, Atty. for the

Filed Feb. 18, 1916

Transcribed by Melinda Moore Weaver

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