Guardianship  of

the  minor  heirs  of

Enoch  Forsythe

Application to remove Guardian

filed Oct 27" 1873, John Elliott, Clk
                    A. Blair, Atty


In the matter of the Estate of
the minor heirs of  Enoch Forsythe
deceased -- Andrew Jarrell

                To the Honorable the Judge of the Shelby Circuit Court -- The undersigned as the next-friend of the minor heirs of Enoch Forsythe deceased would respectfully reprising that heretofore towit: on the [blank] day of [blank] 187[blank]  Andrew Jarrell  was by the Common Pleas Court of Shelby County appointed Guardian of said heirs, that all of said heirs except one towit:  [blank] Forsythe  have arrived at full age. That there is now in the hands of said guardian the sum of Seventy five Dollars of said minor -- that since his said appointment and since making his last report he has become hopelessly and notoriously insolvent and the undersigned is informed and believes that the continuation of said Guardianship would endanger and jeopardize the rights of said minor. Therefore on behalf of said minor he asks that said Guardian be removed from said trust and that said Guardian be commanded to pay in to court said sum and for all other relief.
/s/ Elijah Byland            

                Subscribed and sworn to before me this October 24" 1873
/s/ L. J. Hackney                                
N. P. S. C.                                

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming. 
To date, I have not found estate papers for Enoch Forsythe.  Perhaps he died outside of Shelby County?

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