Certificate of Partnership
Jessup & Antrim Ice Cream Company
126 E. Washington Street
Shelbyville, In

filed July 22, 1933
Claude C. Cherry,
Clerk, Shelby Cir. Court

Certificate of Firm or Partnership Engaged in Business
Under Name Other Than Their Own.

NAME OF FIRM OR PARTNERSHIP: Jessup & Antrim Ice Cream Company
KIND OF BUSINESS: Dealing in ice cream, milk and dairy products
PLACE OF BUSINESS: 126 E. Washington St., Shelbyville, Shelby County,

Names of Officers of Corporation Using Above Name and where they reside, to-wit:

S. M. Ross, President                  3788 Westerville Rd, Columbus, Ohio
Everett Antrim, V. Pres.            Worthington, Ohio
C. L. Dressel, V. Pres.                Zanesville, Ohio
R. N. Kennedy, V. Pres.             34 N. Broadway, Akron, Ohio
N. D. Goss, Secretary                 207 S. Ardmore Rd, Columbus, Ohio
D. W. L. Polley, Treasurer         3037 Fishinger Rd, Columbus, Ohio
D. W. L. Polley, Asst. Secr.       3037 Fishinger Rd, Columbus, Ohio
W. H. Rebman, Asst. Secr.        Alex. Hamilton Apts, White Plains, NY
T. D. Waibel, Asst. Secr.           37 Temple St, Williston Pk, L.I., NY
N. D. Goss, Asst. Secr.              207 S. Ardmore Rd., Columbus, Ohio
E. L. Noetzel, Asst. Treas.        26 Hadden Rd, Scarsdale, NY
George Bittner, Asst. Treas.     9132 88th St, Woodhaven, NY

Signature of Member of Firm:   Bordenís Dairy & Ice Cream Company By:   S. M. Ross, President                           


S. M. ROSS deposes and says that he has personal knowledge of the facts above stated, that they and each of them are true.

/s/  S. M. Ross

Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 7th day of July, 1933.

/s/  M. Haas, Notary Public
my commission expires May 9, 1936

Copied by Melinda Moore Weaver
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