Shelby County,  Indiana
Courthouse  Records

Partnerships  &  Trade  Names

Arro Lock Roofing Company (Fansler)
The Banschbach & Sons
Blue River Auto Parts (Sarah and Rebecca Levinsky)
Blue River Packing Co (Brainard Nelson & Lindley Pitts)
Boggstown Grain & Supply Co (Lynn Burnside & Newton Williams)
Business Men of 1856 (an entry from Brant & Fuller's History of Shelby Co, IN)
Brown and Son
C & D Co (Dean Conger)
Capitol Investment Co (Tappan, Tappen & Tell)
Capitol Loan Co. (Blumberg & Teel, Blumberg, Tappan, Teel)
Carpenter Drug Co. (Stouffer, Carpenter & Carpenter)
Clark Fireworks Co
Machine Co
Otto Diamond & Co
Earl T. Miller Co
Fairland Grain Co (Williams & Imel)
Fleming Brothers
Fountaintown Elevator Co (Horace & Laura Kinney, Leonard Cherry)
Franklin-Tindall Publishing Co
The Furnas Ice Cream Co (12 officers, all residing out-of-state)
Goyert & Co.
Green Milk Co (J.F. & Clyde Green)
The Gwynneville Bank (Jasper D. Case, Russell R. Handy, Edward Evans, Daniel E. Osborn, Rufus E. Pitts, John E. Harper, Ann Pollitt, Jesse A. Nelson, Fleming Ball, Roy Waggener, Bert A. Mullin, John H. Kiplinger)
A.G. Griffey & Co.
Haymond Hardware Co (Omar Haymond)
Hilligos & Son (Hilligoss & Beck)
Hiram Peters & Co.
Home Stove & Furniture Co. (Pettit & Wyrick)
Hoosier Auto-Polo Club (Patterson, McDonald & Tucker)
Hoosier Plumbing & Heating Co. (Sollers & Flack)
The Hub Shoe Store (Schoelch & Schoelch:  1909, 1916, 1927)
Indiana Circulation and Advertizing Co.  (Flack & Flack)
J. W. Pile Sons (John & William Pile)
The Jenkins Co
Jessup & Antrim Ice Cream Co (12 officers, all residing out-of-state)
Levinson & Co.
Lon Howard Tin Shop
Marcella Co. (Inlow, Inlow & Inlow)
James McCloskey Co.
Michelsen Photo & Slide Co 1913 (Will Michelsen); 1914 (Will, Stephen & Violet Michelsen)
Miller Over-All Mfg. Co.
Milleson & Co, 1909; Milleson & Conner, 1911 (same page)
Motor Sales & Service (Ray S. Tuell and Chester F. DeMott)
Nail & Sigler
New Idea Spreader Co (Oppenheim, Oppenheim, Oppenheim, Oppenheim, Synck & Selhorst)
P. L. Polk & Co
Peoples Coal Co. (Dolan, Isgrigg, Elkins, Baker, Weintraut, Smith)
Porter Steel Specialities (Porter & Fuller)
Provident Mutual Loan Assoc (L.T. Rottet)
Rapid Shoe Repair Shop (Alex E., Clarence E. & Edwin E. Stith)
Roth Furniture Company (Roth & Antle)
S & H Store (Shapera & Hiller)
Sampson Poultry Co.
Sandman Brothers
Schoelch Brothers
Shadley's Grocery
Shelby County Nursery & Supply Co (Cory & Evetts)
Shelby Implement Sales Co. (Cox)
The Shelbyville Furniture and Stove Co. (Hand & Son)
Shelbyville Hardware Co (Hopkins)
The Shelbyville Mirror Works (Enos Porter)
Shelbyville Monument Co (Jones & Goodwin)
Shelbyville Supply Co (T.G. and Norma Mills)
The John Shelk Shoe Store 1909; 1931
Shuster & Epstein
Smith and Son
Sorden-Jones Sales Co
Sparton Radio Sales (B. E. Nash)
Stephan Bros.
The Strand & Alhambra Theatres (William Meloy)
Sunlit Garage (Schemmel)
Thompson Loan Co
Union Roofing Company (Roy Settler & Asa Carter)
Waldron Sales Company (Evans, Schemmel & Hershfelt)
West Side Furniture Exchange (Brunner)
The 3A Coffee Co (Anspaugh)

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