Certificate of Partnership
Waldron Sales Co.
Waldron, Indiana

filed May 15, 1930
Claude C. Cherry
Clerk, Shelby Cir. Court

Certificate of Partnership

                   X SS:

This Certifies, That the undersigned,is conducting and transacting business at Waldron, in the County of Shelby, and State of Indiana, under the name and style of Waldron Sales Company that the office thereof is located at Waldron in the State of Indiana, and that the name and residence of the Corporation engaged in said business or having an interest therein is as follows, to-wit:

Sunlit Motor Sales Corporation          Shelbyville, Indiana
V. C. Evans           Shelbyville)
R. C. Schemmel   Union City)
Albert Hershfelt   Shelbyville)

WITNESS, my hand and seal this 15th day of May, 1930.

Signed:  Sunlit Motor Sales Company
  by: V. C. Evans, Mgr.                  

Copied by Melinda Moore Weaver.
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