Last  Will  and  Testament  of
Abigail  Collins

          I, Abigail Collins,  of Shelby county, Indiana do make this my last Will and testament hereby revoking all other wills made by me.

Item 1st.    I will and bequeath to  Daisy Baumgarner  daughter of  Andrew J. Baumgarner  the bed known as  Emma Baumgarners  bed.

Item 2nd.  I will and bequeath to  Frances Scott  one bed to be an average of my bed's.  Also one red cow now owned by me.  Also the bay horse owned by me.

Item 3rd.   I further direct and will that all of the remainder of my personal property and all of my real estate to wit:
The east half of the seventy (70) acres off of the north end of the east half of the north east quarter of Section twenty two (22) Township twelve (12) North of range six (6) east be sold and that the proceeds together with the money that may be on hand or owing to me at my death be applied first to the payment of all my just debts and costs of administration and that the remainder whatever it may be, be equally divided between my two brothers  William W. Baumgarner  and  Andrew J. Baumgarner.

            I hereby appoint  Dr. Samuel H. Kennedy  of Shelbyville Indiana Executor of this my last will and testament.

Signed by me in presence of  Jeremiah Dugan  and  Edward L. Davisson  and by them in my presents.  This 22" day of October 1884.
Abigail  X  Collins

Signed by us in presence of the testator Abigail Collins and in the presence of each other and by her in our presence.
Jeremiah Dugan
Edward L. Davisson
Attesting Witnesses

State of Indiana
Shelby County
            Personally appeared before the undersigned Clerk of the Shelby circuit Court Walter C. Scott being duly sworn says That he was acquainted with Abigail Collins during her life time and that on the 22: day of October 1884 at the time that she purports to have executed her last will and testament signed by her and attested by Jeremiah Dugan and Edward L. Davisson she was of full age being at that time more than twenty one years of age and sound and disposing mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint and was fully competent to make said will, That he is acquainted with the hand writing of Edward L. Davisson who is now dead and has been dead for more than five years and that his signature attached to said will is his genuine signature and written by him and that of the time of signing said will as attesting witness he was more than twenty one years of age and competent as a witness for said purpose.
/s/   Walter C. Scott

Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 31st day of January 1898.
/s/   John M Powers   Clerk                        

            Also personally appears Kendall M Hord and being duly sworn says That he now files with the Clerk of this court what purports to be the last will and testament of Abigail Collins executed on the 22" day of October 1884 and attested before Jeremiah Dugan and Edward L. Davisson as witnesses and he further says that both said Davisson and Dugan an now dead and that he is acquainted with the signatures of each of said parties and that the signature of Jeremiah Dugan and Edward L. Davisson are their genuine hand writing and signatures as written by each of them and at the time of writing the same to wit:  October the 22" 1884 they were both over the age of twenty one years of age and competent witnesses for the purpose of attesting said will and further deponent sayeth not
/s/   Kendall M Hord

Subscribed and sworn to before me this the 31st day of January 1898
                                        /s/   J. M. Powers  Clerk

Will Book 3, page 363
Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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