Last  Will  and  Testament
Benjamin  Ainsley

Shelby County, State of Indiana
Probate Record Book A

The last will and testament of  Benjamin Ainsley
In the name of God amen -- I  Benjamin Ainsley  of Shelby county  State of Indiana  Being weak in body but of Sound mind and memory do hereby make this my last will and testament at the Same time Revoking all former wills and testaments made by me and declaring this to be my last will and testament
First  I give and bequeath to my well beloved wife  Prudence Ainsley  the south west quarter of Section Number thirty three township number Eleven Range number Six East during her lifetime and after her desease I will the above said quarter to my Son Isaac Allen Ainsley --
Secondly  I will and bequeath to my Son  John Ainsley  the sum of five dollars --
Thirdly  I will and bequeath to my Daughter  Jane Ainsley  the sum of five dollars --
Fourth  I will and bequeath to my Son  Benjamin Ainsley  the sum of one hundred dollars --
Fifth  I will and bequeath to my son  Squire D Ainsley  the sum of Five dollars -- 
Sixth  I will and bequeath to my Son  Thomas B Ainsley  the south East quarter of section number five township umber Ten Range number Six East --
Seventh  I will and bequeath to my Daughter rudence and her Heirs the sum of one huncred dollars --
Eighth  I will and Bequeath to the heirs of  Harry Easling  deseased the Sum of one hundred dollars and after my Just debts are paid I give and Bequeath all the Rest and Residue of my property whether Real or personal and everything I possess to my well beloved wife Prudence Ainsley and at the same time I do hereby appoint my wife Prudence Ainsley my Sole Executrix of this my last will and testament to which I have hereunto Set my and and Seal this Eleventh day of July A.D. one thousand Eight hundred & twenty two


Signed  sealed  and       Benjamin  X  Ainsley   {{seal}}        
Delivered in presents of  


James Campbell
Martin Shewey
State of Indiana}}}
Shelby County }}}

                    This is to certify that the within named will was proven before me the under Signed a Justice of the peace of Said county by James Campbell and Martin Shewey given under my hand and Seal this 21st day of March 1823

Merry McGuire   {{ seal }}   
            Recorded 2nd day of April 1823
Hiram Allredge  Clk            
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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