Shelby  County,  Indiana
Courthouse  Records

Last  Will  and  Testament  of

Calvin  Kinsley

In the Clerk's Vault of the Shelby County Courthouse

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Complete Record Probate
Volume 3
pages 242 - 244

Calvin's will was also recorded in Deed Book F, pages 470-471 in the Recorder's Office

Recorded in the office of
the Recorder of Shelby
County Indiana June
12th  1840  in Deed Book
F. Page   470 & 471.
          Milton Robins Recorder

Filed  11th April 11th[sic]
AD 1840

      S B Morris Clk

Fee $1.25 Paid

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In the name of God  Amen  I  Calvin Kinsley  being in sound mind and memmory but week in Boddy and Knowing the certainty of Deth and the uncertainty of life have thought Propper to make this my last will and testament
first I will my sole to God who gave it and my Boddy to grave   second  I Give and Bequeth to my Beloved wife  Elizabeth Kinsley  all my Real and personal estate Except such as I may otherwise order after all funeral charges are Paid and all my other Debts farely Discharged During her Naturel lifetime if she so long Remain my widdow but in case she should Marry a gain then in that case she is not to have but the one eaquel half part for the Remainder of her lifetime and the other half to Revort Back to my children as I may hereafter Direct and at her Deth it is all to go to my children as I may hereafter direct   third  I Give and Bequeth to my son  Apollos Kinsley  one Hundred Dollars bsids what I Before Gave him as his full Right of Dower   fourth  I Give and bequeeth to my Daughter  Clarrisa Coy  late  Clarisa Kinsley  ten Dollars to gether with what I had given her before as her full Right of Dower   fifth  I Give and Bequeth to my grand children  William Young  and Paley [Patsy] Young  children of my Daughter  Elizabeth Young  formaly  Elizabeth Kinsley  to  William Young  ten Dollars and to Patey ten Dollars   sixth  I give and bequeath to my Grand Daughter  Eliza Montgomery  child of  Alma Montgomery  formaly  Alma Kinsley  ten Dollars   seventh  I give and bequeeth to my grand Daughter  Sarah Tracy  Daughter of  Emily Tracy formaly  Emily Kinsley  ten Dollars   Eighth  I give and Bequeth to my Daughter  Orrilla Morris  formaly  Orrilla Kinsley  one Hundred Dollars as her full Right of dour with what she had got before
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ninth  I give to  Vallison C Thomas  sone of  Harriet Thomas  formaly  Harriet Kinsley  ten Dollars   tenth  I give and bequeeth to my Daughter   Sarah Jane Kinsley  one hundred Dollars as hir full Rite of Dower   Eleventh  I give and bequeth to my Son  Alison Kinsley  one half of all my Remaining estate Real and personal after his mothers Death  twelvth  I give and Bequeth to my son  Calvin Kinsley  the other half of all my Real and personal estate after the Deth of his mother   thirteenth  I give to my son  Alisol Kinsley  one brown mare none by the name of Snip and one Cow and one eaqual and un devided half of the waggon and harnis to belong to him at the executing of this will   fourtteenth  I give to my son  Calvin Kinsley  one horse colt none by the name of Cosco and one Cow and the other eaquel and un devided half of the waggon and harnis to which he is to come in possesion of at the executing of this will
fifteenth  I give to my Sons  Alison Kinsley  and  Calvin Kinsley the privaledge of working and manage the farm in preferance to any other person if it is their wish to do so as long as they will pay or give their mother the one third part of produce and proffits of the farm   and the fifteenth articl of this will to be and remain in force During the lifetime of my Wife  Elizabeth Kinsley  my further will is that all my Just Debts be paid and that such Property as can be Spared off ov the place or farm be sold to pay my Debts and to Defray other nefsary Expences and that my wife  Elizabeth Kinsley  and  Apollos Kinsley be my Executors to Execute this my last will and testament in testamoney whereof I have here unto set my hand and afixed my seal this --- ninth day of November in the year of our lord Eighteen hundred and thirty nine
in the presants of us by Request of the testator
we hereby sign our Names
William Silcox         Royal Barney Jr       Calvin Kinsley     {{ seal }}

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Indiana
Shelby County   fs
                   Be it remembered that on the Eight day of April A.D. Eighteen hundred and Forty Personally appeared before me Sylvan B Morris Clerk of the Probate Court of Shelby County William Silcox  and  Royal Barney Jr  and being duly Sworn depose and say that they saw and heard Calvin Kinsley Signe Seal publish and declare the foregoing instrument of Writing as his last Will and Testament that he was of Sound minde & Memory at the time of hits Execution --- and that they signed their names their to as witnefses in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other
William Silcox        
Royal Barney Jr        

Sworn to and Subscribed before me at my office in Shelbyville the Eighth day of April   AD 1840

Sylvan B Morris  Clerk
Probate Court   Shelby County

Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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