Shelby  County,  Indiana
Courthouse  Records

William  W.  Moore

Last  Will  and  Testament

I, William W. Moore of Shelby County Indiana, hereby make and publish this my last Will and Testament.

Item One.     I direct and Will that all my just debts or paid.

Item Two.     I give will devise and bequeath unto my wife Henrietta Moore all of the property of every kind which I shall own at my decease, real personal and mixed giving unto her the absolute ownership of all of the
personal estate owned by me at my death and giving unto her als the absolute title in fee simple in and to all real estate of which I shall be the owner at my decease all of which property is subject to payment of my just debts
and the expenses  of the settlement of my estate.

Item Three.    It is not from any lack of love and affection for my son Robert E. Moore that I do not make him a legatee of part of my estate for I do have a father's regard for him but, I am sincere in the belief  that it
will be for the best  interests of my wife and son, that my property shall go to my wife as I feel that she will preserve and care for it in a careful and an economical manner and I know that my wife will faithfully look after  the welfare of our son Robert E. Moore.  This suggestion is not made with any purpose on my part to put any condition or limitation upon the title in my said wife to the property given her in this will, which property is given to her absolutely and unconditionally.  

Item Four.    I hereby nominate and appoint, Shelbyville Trust Company of  Shelbyville Ind to be the Executor of this Will.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this 13th day of  May 1913.

Signed   William W. Moore (seal)

John R. Messick
Ed K. Adams  

Recorded Book 6 pages 359-361
September 11, 1913

Transcribed by Wanda

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