Will  of
Bennnett  Powell

I,  Bennett Powell,  make and publish this my last Will and Testament revoking any and all Wills hereinfore by me made.

Item 1.  It is my will and I hereby direct that my Executor to be hereinafter named shall pay all of my debts including the debts of my last sickness, and funeral expenses and I further direct my Executor to erect a suitable tombstone at my grave in keeping with my financial at the time of my death.

Item 2.  I will, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife Susan Mary Powell, all of my property, after complying with Item one above, including all of my real estate, wherever situate and all of my personal  property  and mixed, including all money, notes and mortgages for and during her lifetime, and should said income be insufficient to provide her with the comforts and I hereby direct my said Executor to look after the support and comforts of my said wife for and during her said lifetime.

Item 3.  I hereby direct that my Executor shall payments the Pastor of St. Vincent Catholic Church, Fifty ($50.00) Dollars, the same to be used for the saying of Masses for the repose of the soul of my beloved wife and myself said amount to be paid at different times and in different amounts.

Item 4.  I will and devise to Mary Ellen O'Neal now Mary Ellen Schsiener the sum of Two Hundred ($200.00) Dollars, the same to be paid to hereout of my estate by my Executor, but not until Items one, two and three above are complied with and should said legator be dead then I direct my Executor to pay over the same to her children.

Item 5.  After complying with the above Items, and after paying the cost and expenses of settling, my estate, the residue  of my Estate including all real estate and personal property of every kind and description I will, devise and bequeath to Annie Van Pelt  in fee simple and should she die before this will is probated or before the time turning the same over to her, then I give the same to her children share and share alike or the children of my deceased child to take his (or her) part.

Item 6.  I hereby nominate and appoint Thomas H. Campbell as the Executor of this my last Will and testament, and direct him to carry out the provisions and conditions therein contained.

Witness My hand this December 17, 1905.

Signed:    Bennett Powell  

     Daniel  F. Louden
     Jennie Knight Campbell

Recorded  Book 6
pages 385 - 388
May 10, 1911 

Transcribed by Wanda

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