Daniel  Snepp

Will of Daniel Snepp (Sen)
Shelby County Probate Court
Book 3, pages 233 - 235

I,  Daniel Snepp  (Seniour) of Shelby County in the State of Indiana do hereby make the following disposition of such worldly effects as it hath pleased the Almighty God to intrust to my charge.

Item 1.  I do hereby will bequeath and give unto my beloved wife for and during her natural life and in lieu of all statutory provisions and in lieu of all provisions by law as my widow, my home farm supposed to contain 139 acres (one hundred and thirty nine acres) in section 19 11 north of Range 6 East in said County. I also give and bequeath to my said wife, Mary, Absolutely such of my household and kitchen furniture as she may desire, also my Phoeton (buggy); also one horse, such as she may desire and may select from those left by me at my death.  Also one cow, such as she may desire and may select from those left by me at the time of my death. Also as many and such as she may desire and select from the hogs left by me at my death: also such family supplies and provisions as may be on hands at my death for the consumption of the family: also sufficient grain and hay to supply her stock until crops shall be gathered for her provision: and also the sum of Sixteen Hundred dollars in cash payable from the first moneys that shall come into the hands of my executors. Six Hundred of which shall be in payment and in lieu of that sum heretofore held by me from her.

Item 2.  I give and bequeath to my children  George W. Snepp,  William R. Snepp,  Elizabeth J. Shaver,  John E. Snepp,  and  Joseph Snepp each an undivided one sixth part in value and to my grandchildren Mary Isley,  Toiley Aley, and  Georgia Isley each an undivided one eighteenth part in value of all my Real Estate in fee simple subject to the life estate of my wife Mary in the lands described in the above item of this Will, as provided and bequeathed to her in said item, and subject to the charges hereinafter named, and as to all of said lands of which I may die seized, except said lands, the life estate in which is above devised.  To my said wife I do hereby direct my executor to sell on such terms as they may deem most advantageous and on distribution of the proceeds of such sale or sales together with the personally for distribution on final settlement of their trust I direct to be divided in the proportion above given among my children and grandchildren each of my children first being charged with the amounts of their respective notes to me and by me paid, as the same accompaning this will, except that all unpaid interest accrued upon any of said notes to this date shall not be so charged but is remitted and each of said notes shall from the date of this will be calculated to draw six per centum as interest, and I do hereby charge against my son Joseph the sum of Eight Hundred dollars, which shall be calculated as drawing six per centum as interest from this date. Each and all of the sums is charged to be reckoned as advancements against the several children who appear to be so indebted.  If any real Estate so directed to be sold and my personal Estate shall be insufficient to cancel said several obligations and equalize my said several children and grandchildren, upon the basis aforesaid, such balance as shall remain shall be charged against his or her interest in the said lands known as my home farm named in the first item of this will.

Item 3.  I do hereby nominate and appoint my sons George W. Snepp and  John E. Snepp executors of this my last will and testament.  I do hereby revoke all former wills and unexecuted gifts by me heretofore made.
In testimony whereof I hereunto subscribe my name this August 30th AD 1887.

Daniel Snepp (Sen)

The Testator Daniel Snepp signed the foregoing will in our presence and on the presence of both of us and we signed the Attestation in his presence and in the presence of each other this August 30th 1887.

Jacob Mutz
J F Arbuckle

I, Daniel Snepp of Shelby County and State of Indiana make and publish as a codicil to my foregoing will made made on the 30th day of August AD 1887 and witnessed by Jacob Mutz and  J F Arbuckle.
It is my will and desire that any sums of money loaned by me to any of of children or grand children or any notes of written obligations paid by me for or on behalf of any of my children since the execution of my will on 30th day of August AD 1887 shall be charged against my children or grand children as advancements with six per cent interest from the date of making said loan or making said payments, and any loans hereafter made by me to my children or grand children or money paid out out for and on behalf of any of them should be charged against said parties as an advancement against said party with six percent interest from the date of said loan or payment.
2 It is my desire and will that my executors shall have a large discretion as to the terms of and time if selling my real Estate under my will and none of my children shall do any act of embarrass or hasten my Executors in the discharge of their trust.
dated this October 19th 1892.
Daniel Snepp

Signed and acknowledged by Daniel Snepp to be a codicil to his last will in our presence and by us in his presence at his request and by us in the presence of each other October 19th 1892.
K. M. Hard
Tom Campbell

Probated the 9 November 1895
Transcribed by Bruce Greene

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