Will  and  Testament

Elizabeth  Weintraut

I,  Elizabeth Weintraut  being of sound mind and disposing memory do hereby make and declare this to be my last Will and Testament and I hereby revoke any and all wills by me heretofore made.

Item 1.  It is my will that my executor shall pay all of my just debts, including the debts of my last sickness and funeral expenses.

Item 2.  I give and devise to the Parrish Priest in charge of St. Vincent Catholic Church, One Hundred ($100.00) dollars for Masses for the repose of my soul and the deceased members of my family.  

Item 3.  I will and devise and give to my two boys.  Clemence J. Weintrant and  Lawrence N. Weintrant, each the sum of Four Hundred ($400.00) dollars, the same to be used in their education.  Should I live to educate them myself then this Item of my said Will shall be considered satisfied.

Item 4.  I will, devise and bequeath to my two daughters  Hildagardis F. Weintrant  and  Irene C. Weintrant, each the sum of Two Hundred ($200.00) dollars.  The same to be paid to them each at her marriage or should I die then upon the Finial Settlement of my estate of the end of the First Year however if I shall have paid to either of said daughters said sum during my like time then the amount shall be considered satisfied.

Item 5.  I will. devise and bequeath to each of my three sons, Les P. E., Clemence J. and  Lawrence N. Weintrant each the sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) dollars the same to be paid to each of them within one year after my death without interest.  This bequeath however is not to interfere in any way with the Bequest of #3 of this Will.  If any of my said sons should marry and I have given him the amount herein willed or my part of it then that amount shall be deducted from the amount so bequeathed herein and shall be considered satisfied to that amount.

Item 6.  The balance of my estate real, personal and mixed, I will devise and bequeath to my children now living Viz.  Victorian A. Higgins,  Mary M. Soller,  Les. P.E. Weintrant,  Hildagardis F. Weintrant,  Irene C. Weintrant,  Clemence J. Weintrant,  and  Lawrence N. Weintrant  to be divided between them equally, share and share alike.

Item 7.  I hereby appoint my son in law Edwin Soller as the Executor of this my last Will and Testament.

Witness my hand and seal the August 29, 1913.

Signed:  Elizabeth Weintrant (seal)

Lawrence Soller
Thomas H. Campbell

Recorded  Book 6
pages 366 - 368
December 22, 1913

Transcibed by Wanda

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