Last  Will  and  Testament
Francis Marion  Knight

Shelbyville, Ind.
April 8, 1912

           To whom it may concern.

            This is to testify that I  Francis Marion Knight,  after all just debts be paid that my real estate be sold and that one hundred Dollars be set aside for a monument for my mother's grave, and I give to the children of Walter Knight,  Earl,  Edward,  Bessie  and  Cecill, and also the Daughter of  Andrew Knight,  Mabel  the sum of $50.00 Dollars each to be put on interest for them until they become of age.  If either of them dies before maturity their share shall go to the other share alike.   I also leave to my sister  Jenne May Johnson  the sum of $50.00 Dollars and also one share of Stock in Citizens Natural Gass (sp?) Company and I give to  Fannie Knight  the Pictures of her three children and one sideboard and to Andrew Knight one dresser or Davenport and also one Phonograph and records and watch and chain and to Walter Knight the sum of $25.00 Dollars, and to Annie Rainsdell Knight  all money Left From Real Estate and all personal property Left I do hereby name Andrew Knight as Executor Without Bond.

Francis Marion Knight

Witness                    Irene Barrett
                                Zora J. Herron

State of Indiana, Shelby County, SS:
                    Be it remembered, that on the 12th day of August, 1912 Irene Barrett, one of the subscribing witnesses to the written and foregoing last Will and Testament of Francis Marion Knight late of said County, deceased personally appeared before me.  Clerk of the Circuit Court of Shelby County in the State of Indiana and being duly sworn by the Clerk of said Court, upon his oath declares and testified as follows that is to say:  That on the 8th day of April 1912 she saw the said Francis Marion Knight sign his name to the said instrument in writing as and for his Last Will and Testament and that the said instrument in writing was at the same time at the request of the said Francis Marion Knight and with his consent and with his consent attested and subscribed by the said  Irene Barrett and  Zora J. Herron in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto and that the said Francis Marion Knight was at the signing and subscribing of said instrument in writing as aforesaid of full age (that is more than twenty one years of age) and of sound and disposing mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint as she said deponent verily believes and further deponent says not.

Irene Barrett

                    Sworn to and subscribed by the said Irene Barrett before me, Otto L. Coyle Clerk of said Court of Shelbyville the 12th day of August 1912.

                    In Attestation Whereof I have herewith subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said Court.

Otto L. Coyle       
Clerk Shelby Cir. Ct.

                    I, Otto L. Coyle, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Shelby County, Ind. do hereby certify that this within annexed Will and Testament of Francis Marion Knight has been duly admitted to probate and duly proved by the testimony of said Irene Barrett one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, that a complete record of said Will and of the testimony of the said Irene Barrett is proof thereof has been by me duly made and recorded in Book 6 pages 167 and 168-169 of the record of Wills of said County.

                    In Attestation Whereof, I have hereto subscribed my name and office the seal of said Court at Shelbyville, this 12th day of August, 1912.

Otto L. Coyle      
Clerk of Circuit Ct.
Shelby County     

Transcribed by Sandra Cassidy

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