Last  Will  &  Testament
George  Debord

The last will and testament of  George Debord  of Shelby county and State of Indiana in the name of God  Amen  I  George Debord  make this my last will And testament  I resign my Soul to its creator in all Humble hope of its future happinefs as in the Disposal of a being infinitely Good   I  George Debord  Being in a low State of health and having doubts of my recovery and being considerably in debt I wish to make preparation for the payment of all my debts   I wish therefore That my east forty acres of land (to wit)  the west Half of the west half of the South east quarter Of Section No thirtyfive in township No fourteen North  of range No Six east  to be sold to the best Advantage by my executors and payment made of all my cash debts and I further direct that my two youngest Sons  Elijah Debord  and  Meres C Debord  are to have The one hundred acres of land that will be left at the death of my wife  Abigail Debord  and the Said  Elijah  and  Meres  are to have the use of the farm And the property belonging thereto provided that They maintain there mother in a comfortable manner  And I further direct that there Sister  Naomi Debord  is to be considered and remain as one of the Family as long as She remains Single and I further Direct that my two Sons  Elijah  and  Meres  Shall pay to each of my other children one hundred And twenty dollars in Good property at cash price  Including what each one of them have already received  Which can be known by refering to a memorandum  That I have kept to be paid at the death of my Wife Abigail Debord or if they See cause to Do So they may pay it along at there own conveinience[sic] and I further Direct that the Said forty

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Acres of land Shall be sold Subject to the incumbrance Of the lease that  David G Harson  holds thereon unlefs It can be otherwise arranged Satisfactory to him and I further direct that my two sons  Reuben Debord  and  David Debord  are hereby appointed my executors of this my last will and testament  Signed and Sealed in presence of thefe witnefses this 27th day of May 1840
George Debord  further direct that my two sons  Elijah Debord  and  Meres Debord  are to pay the one thousand bushels of Corn that I owe  Jacob Summey  off of the place Exclusive and apart of any thing else mentioned
Herein this 27th day of May 1840

George Debord /s/   {{Seal}}  
William Day
William W Wilson /s/   [this signature matches the handwriting of the body of the will]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Indiana
Shelby County   fs
                    Be it remembered that on the Twenty ninth day of July in the Year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and Forty Before me Sylvan B Morris Clerk of the Shelby Circuit Court & Exofficio Clerk of the probate Court of Shelby County   Personally came  William Day  &  William W Wilson  of Said County of Lawfull age & the Subscribing witness to the foregoing Will and being by me duly Sworn on Oath Say that they Saw and heard  George Deboard  Sign Seal publish and declare the foregoing Instrument of writing as and for his last will and Testament that he was of Sound mind and memory at the time of its Execution that they Signed their names as witnefses thereto in the presence of and at the request of Said Testator & in the presence of Each other

Sworn to and Subscribed before William Day /s/  
me the day and Year aforesaid. William W Wilson /s/
Sylvan B Morris /s/   Clerk   S C C Ind    

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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