John  R.  Gere

Election of Widow to take under Will
Mary Gere

In re-election of  Mary Gere as widow of  John R. Gere to take under the Will of said decedent.


          Come now Mary Gere who states she is the widow of John R. Gere late of Shelby County, Indiana, deceased.

          That said John R. Gere died on the 28 "day of April 1913, in said County testate.

          That in the last will, he made provisions for the undersigned in devising to her real and personal property.  That she is entirely familiar with the provisions of said will in her behalf, and that she is wholly satisfied therewith and hereby elects to take under the provisions of said Will, in lieu of her rights in said decedents estate, which she would otherwise have by law, as the widow of said decedent.  That said Will above referred to was executed on the 11 day of April - 1913 and probated in the Shelby Circuit Court on May 5" 1913.

Signed  Mary Gere

State of Indiana   SS
County of Shelby

          Before the undersigned a Notary Public in and for said County and State personally came the above named Mary Gere widow of John R. Gere, deceased who acknowledge the Execution of her foregoing election to take under the Will of said decedent, to be her free act and deed.

          Witness my hand and Notarial Seal this 17th day of May 1913.

Seal June 7- 1913
Ed K. Adams
Notary Public

Transcribed by Wanda

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