John  Keever


John Wishard Executor

Box 30

Filed February 29th
1844.   J Vernon

[Written in pencil, in a different hand: ]
Letters of Administra-
tion   Docket "A" p 25
          I,  John Keever  of Shelby Cou[torn]  State of Indiana, do make and publish my last will & testiment hereby revoking & making void all wills by me heretofore made at any time.   first  I direct that my body be decently entered, and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and situation in life; and as to Such worly[sic] estate as it has pleased God to intrust me with, I dispose of the Same in the following manner, to wit   I direct first that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible, out of the first moneys that shall come to the hand of my Executor from any portion of my estate, I also direct that a fare valuation or appraisement be made by two or three judicious neighbors of all my Said estate and after being signed with their names, that a coy of the same be given by them to my executor.  It is my will that my be loved wife  Elizabeth Keever  So long as She remains my widow   Shall have all the benefits and proceeds of my following Real estate the same being Situate in the county of Shelby aforesaid and designated as follows to, wit:  It being the North East quarter of the North east quarter of Section Thirty, in To[torn] ship eleven North, of Rang Seven east countaining forty acres -- also.   the South east quarter of the North east quarter of Section Thirty, in Township eleven North, of Range Seven east containing forty acres, in all eighty acres, and in the district of Lands Subject to Sale at Indianapolis Indiana   And it is also

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
[torn]   will that my wife  Elizabeth  so long as She remains my widow have all the proceeds and benefit of my personal estate and that she have the Guardainship[sic] of my Children,  And I earnestly request the utmonst[sic] Care and attention respectfully in and about their education & morals during their State of Minority, and after the death of my beloved wife it is my will that my Said Children Share & Share a like in my personal & Real estate --
And Further I declare that I hereby make and ordain my worthy friend  John Wishard  Executor of this my last will and testament --
In witnefs whereof I, John Keever  the testator have hereunto set my hand & seal this tenth day of February in the Year of our Lord eighteen hundred & forty four

John Keever   {{Seal}}  

Signed, Sealed, published, and declared by the above named John Keever, as his last will and testiment in the presents of us, who have hereunto Subscribed our names as witnesses thereunto, in the presence of the Said testator and in presence of each other
Michel Treon /s/
Jonathan F Randolph
William McCar[torn]

State of Indiana Shelby County fs   }}   Before me   Jacob Vernon  C[torn] of the Probate Court of Said County personally came the above named  Michael Treon &  Jonathan F Randolph  and being by e duly Sworn say that saw and heard the above named  John Keever  Sign Seal publish and declare the above and foregoing Instrument of writing to be his last Will and testament that they believe he was of Sound mind and memory at the time of its execution and that they signed th[torn] names thereto as witnesses in the presence of the testator and in the presence of Each other and in presence of William McCarty
Sworn to this 29th day of February 1844
J Vernon Clerk

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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