Will  of
John  Snepp

I  John Snepp  of the County of Shelby in the State of Indiana do hereby make and publish this as my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me at time made.

Item 1 - I direct that my executor shall pay all my just debts including what ever may be due, for principal and interest upon five note which I have this day made to five of my children viz:  Elizabeth,  Mariah,  William M.,  Joseph N., and  David J.  for the purpose of of making all my children equal in their advancements out of my Estate which said notes are payable at the time of my death, and said Executor shall pay my funeral expenses all which notes, debts and expenses he shall pay out of the first money that shall come to his hands from any portion of my Estate, and he shall also place over my Grave a suitable Monument with proper inscriptions the cost of which shall correspond with my Estate.

Item 2 - I direct that after my death my Executor shall proceed in a reasonable time, and sell all my property both Real and personal, either at public or private Sale and on such terms of credit, and in such parcels as shall be reasonable, and as he may deem proper to secure the best price therefor, and he shall collect the purchase money for said property so sold as soon as the same can be reasonably done and all other money due to me at the time of my death, and after paying all the costs and expenses of the execution of this Will in the proper Court and all the afore said debts, notes, funeral expenses and cost of Monument, I direct that the residue of my Estate which shall then remain in the hands of my Executor, shall be equally divided among my six children viz:  Elizabeth Haskins,  Mariah Runshe,  Mary J. Fickle,  William M. Snepp,  Joseph N. Snepp, and  David J. Snepp, share and share alike provided that if I shall at any time hereafter have to pay any money for any of my sons in law by reason of my liability therefore the same shall be taken as a part of the share in my Estate of such daughter for whose husband I shall pay the same, and provided also that if any of my said children shall die before I do, then the share in my Estate of such deceased child of children shall be paid to their legal heirs issue of their bodies.

Lastly. I constitute and appoint my son David J. Snepp the executor of this last Will and Testament.
Witness my hand and seal this 20 day of July 1875

John Snepp - seal

Probated 12 JUL 1881

Transcribed from the Clerk's Will Book 1, p 588, Shelby County Court House, Shelbyville, IN, by Bruce Greene.

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