Andrew  Kuhn  Sen
Will  and  Testament

            I  Andrew Kuhn Sen  of the County of Shelby in the State of Indiana do now make and publish this my Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by one at any time heretofore made viz

            1st     I direct that after my death my body be buried in a manner becoming my circumstances in Life

            2nd    I give and devise to my beloved wife  Anna Mariah Kuhn  all my Real Estate and personal property during her natural life to use and dispose of as she ay see proper to do, except the Real Estate is not to be sold by her but to be used by her as she may see fit to do as long as she lives and she may sell any of the personal property she chooses so to al.  I further direct that she pay all my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my death as she can and if there is not money enough on hand at the time of my death that she sell enough of my personal property either at public or private sale as she thinks best.

            3rd     At the death of my said wife the Real Estate aforesaid and personal property belonging to her as then remains unconsumed and unexpended I give and direct be equally divided among my legal heirs in law

            4th     I do hereby appoint my beloved wife  Anna Mariah Kuhn  my Executrix of this my last will and testament authorizing her to ?? adjust and discharge all my just debts

            In testimony whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal this 18" day of September AD 1865.
(Signed) Andrew Kuhn {{seal}}

Signed sealed and declared by the said Andrew Kuhn senr to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us who at his presence have subscribed our names as Witnefses hereunto in the presence of each other this day and year above written.
Michael Theobald
George Michael Kuhn

Shelby County
The State of Indiana}}ss.
            Be it remembered that on the 26" day of February AD 1870  Michael Theobald  and  George Michael Kuhn  the subscribing witnefses to the within and foregoing last Will and Testament of Andrew Kuhn late of said County, deceased, personally appeared before J. G. Wolf  Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Shelby County, in the State of Indiana and being duly sworn by the clerk of said Court upon their Oath declared and testified as follows
that is to say:  that on the 15" day of September AD 1865 they saw the said Andrew Kuhn sign his name to said instrument in writing as and for his last Will and Testament, and that these deponents at the same time heard the said Andrew Kuhn declare the said instruments inwriting to be his last Will and Testament and that the said instrument in writing was at the same time at the request of the said Testator and with his consent attested and Subscribed by the said Michael Theobald and George M Kuhn in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnefses thereto, and theat the said Andrew Kuhn was at the time of the signing and subscribing of said instrument in writing as aforesaid, of full age (that  is more than twenty one years of age) and of Sound and disposing mind and memory and not under any coercion or restraint with the said deponents verily believe, and further deponents say not
(signed) {{ Michael Theobold    
 {{ George M Kuhn       

                      Sworn to and subscribed by the said deponents before one
    {{S}}        J G Wolf  Clerk of said Court, at Shelbyville the 26" day of
                      February 1870
                                                     J G Wolf   clerk

State of Indiana    }} ss
Shelby County }}
            I  JG Wolf clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of Shelby County, Indiana, do hereby certify that the within annexed Will and Testament of Andrew Kuhn has been duly admitted to probate and duly proved by the testimony of Michael Theobald and Geo M Khun[sic] the subscribing witnesses thereto that a complete record of said Will and of the testimony of the said Michael Theobald and George M Kuhn in proof thereof has been by me duly made and recorded in Book No 1 of pages 271 and 272 of the Record of Wills of siad County
In attestation whereof I have hereunto subscribed my
name and affixed the seal of siad Court at            
Shelbyville this 20" day of February 1870            
J G Wolf   Clerk &c

Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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