Last  Will  and  Testament
Laura  Sparks,

Book 7, pages 272 and 273

I,  Laura Sparks,  of Shelbyville, Indiana, make this my last will and Testament and hereby revoke all former wills made by me.

Item One.   At my death there shall be first paid out of my Estate all my just debt, the expense of my funeral and Buriel and the expense of settling my estate.

Item two.   After the above mentioned expenses have been paid I hereby request and demand that my executor shall purchase and have placed at the Grave of my Dearly beloved Husband, A. Lyrten Sparks and myself a Granite Monument to cost not less than $500.00.  This monument is to be of substantial character and in keeping with the lives we have led. Not loud and showy but good above all things.

Item Three (3).   I hereby devise that all the real estate owned and held by me at my death shall be sold by my executer at the best possible advantage converting the same into cash from such all the above exxpense mentioned shall be paid after the said real estate is sold I hereby devise give and bequeath to  Robert Emmel Moore  the sum of One Thousand $1000.00 dollars to Henrietta Moore wife of  Willis Moore and  Mother of  Robert Emmet Moore I hereby devise given and bequeath the sum of One Hundred Dollars.

Item Four.   After the expenses and the monyment herein provided for have ben fully met and paid, after the bequests specifically named have been paid I hereby direct that what money is remaining after all these things have been done that the remainder of my estate shall be divided equally share and share alike to the Brothers and Sisters of my beloved hunband.

Jerome Sparks to share equal in this division in addition to the special bequest of One Hundred Dollars and in addition to his pay for services as Executor.

Item 5.   I hereby appoint  Jerome Sparks  as Executor of this my last Will and testament and request of him that he serve but should he fail to qualify as such Executor or should he die previous to my demise then I appoint Thomas E. Goodrich to serve a such Executor.

          In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 8th day of August 1913.

Laura Sparks

Subscribed by the testatrix in out presence and by us in her presence and in the presence of each other this the 8th day of August, 1913.

Samuel Kennedy   ( Seal )  
Thomas E. Goodrich   ( Seal )

State of Indiana, Shelby County SS:

          Be it remembered that on the 31 day of October A. D. 1917, the Judicial day of the Oct Term, of the Shelby Circuit Court in said year, come into open court Samuel Kennedy and produces in court an instrument in writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Laura Sparks deceased, and now moves the admittance thereof to probate and record, and in proof of said Will introduces himself the subscribing witness thereto, who being duly sworn by the Clerk of said Court, on oath, declare and testify as follows, that is to say:  That on the 8th day of August, 1913, he saw the said Laura Sparks sign his name to said instrument in writing as and for her last will and testament; and said deponent at the same time, heard the said Laura Sparks declare the said instrument in writing to be her last will and testament, and that the said instrument in writing was, at the same time, at the request of said Laura Sparks and with her consent attested and subscribed by the said Samuel Kennedy and Thomas E. Goodrich in the presence of said testator and in the presence of each other as subscribing witnesses thereto, and that said Laura sparks was at the time of the signing and subscribing of said instrument in writing, as aforesaid of full age (that is, more than twenty-one years of age) and of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not under the coercion or restraint, as the said deponent verily believes, and further deponent says not.
Samuel Kennedy           

          Sworn to and subscribed by the said Samuel Kennedy before me Cecil B. Collins, Clerk of said Court at Shelbyville, Indiana this 31 day of Oct. 1917.

Cecil B. Collins, Clerk

          Whereupon it is ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that said instrument in writing purporting to be the last Will of Laura Sparks, deceased, is the last Will and Testament of Laura Sparks, deceased, and is hereby admitted to probate and record in this court.

Cecil B. Collins, Clerk

State of Indiana, Shelby County SS:

          I, Cecil B. Collins, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Shelby County, Indiana, do hereby certify that the within annexed Will and Testament of Laura Sparks has been duly admitted to probate and duly proved by the testimony of Samuel Kennedy one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, that a complete record of said Will, and of the testimony of the said Samuel Kennedy in proof thereof, has been by me duly made and recorded in Book 7 at pages 272 and 273 of the record of Wills of said County.

          IN   ATTESTATION   WHEREOF,   I have hereunto subscribed my name, and affixed the seal of said Court, at Shelbyville, Indiana, this 31 day of Oct.1917
Cecil B. Collins, Clerk
Circuit Court, Shelby County

Transcribed by Kathy Ridlen and Linda Llewellyn
Original typist made many misspellings and strikeovers.  Transcribed as written. - KR

"Willis" Moore is really William Wilson Moore.  Laura Moore Sparks was raised in William's family.  Please contact Phyllis for information/sharing on this family.

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