Lewis  Crisler, decd -- Will

          In the name of God, Amen. I Lewis Crisler of the County Shelby & State of indiana Beaing Week in Body But of Sound Mind and Memory do Declare this to Be My last will & testament
first I Bequest My Soul to God who gave it & My Body to the earth to be decently Buried and Expense thereof to Be paid By My Executors.
2d I give & Bequeath to My Beloved Wife polly two hundred acres of land Beaing the farm that we live on during her Naturel life & further I give her all My household & kitchen furniture together and with all My Stock of Beasts of every discription to have the Same Dureing her Naturall live & at her Diseace all the property affore Said to be equally divided etween all My Children
Also all the Money that is due to Me at My Diseace to Be equally Divided among all My Children as affore said.
I give to My wife use the Same in any Manner She May se proper & at her diseace if there is any Money in her possession the Same is to be Equally divided among All My Children
3d and further it is My will & wish that the Eighty acres of land where Smith Campbell Now lives being the place formerly owened By Edward trimble that after My Diseace the same shall Be sold By My Executor and three hundred and twenty Dollars of the proceeds of the Sale of Said land Shell Be Equally divided Between the Children of My last wife and further it is My will & wish that James S Crisler* my son & Abraham lewis Crisler and Mary ann My daughter should have one hundred dollars out of the proceeds of Said land to Be Equally divided among them so as to Make them Equal with My other children that has left and the Ballance of the proceeds of said 80 acres of land Shall Be qually divided Among all My last wifes Children and 20 acres of land lying AJoining Jacob Creek is to Be sold and the proceeds of the Farm to be Equally divided among My first and last wifes Children and further if I should live till My Sons James & Abraham lewis Crisler and Mary ann My Daughter should Mary and leave Me the one hundred that is given to them of the proceeds of the 80 acres of land they are not to have the Sum and further it is My will & wish that My Wife polly & My son Benjamin should be My Executor and se thte all My affairs in testamony whereof I have here done to set My hand and Seal this 14th day of August 1834
Witness present
/s/ David Lovett                                                /s/ Lewis Crisler {{seal}}
/s/ Joseph Cummins

State of Indiana   }
Shelby County ss }      Before me Jacob Vernon Clerk of the Probate Court of Shelby County personally appeared Joseph Cummins and being by me duly sworn on his oath says he saw and heard the within named Lewis Crisler Sign Seal publish and declare the within Instrument of writing to be his last will and testament, that he was Sound mind andmemory at the time of its execution, and the he signed his name as a witness thereto in his presence, and also David Lovitt Signed his name thereto as a witness in presence of the testator and in presence of each other.

/s/ Joseph Cummins
Sworn to before me this 30th day of June AD 1843
Jacob Vernon Clk
* James Sibraa Crisler (1817-1900) was, according to Harding's History of Decatur County at
p547, the son of Lewis Crisler. His obituary is among those Barb Huff has placed on the Decatur Co, IN, Obits pages. - John Ballard

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