Last  Will  and  Testament
Margaret  R. Schneider

          I, Margaret R. Schneider of the City of Shelbyville County of Shelby And State of Indiana. Make and publish this my last will and Testament.

1.  I direct that all my just debts funeral expenses and cost of administration first be paid.

2.  I will and bequeath to the Shelbyville Trust Company the sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) dollars to be perpetually held in trust and to be loaned out to the best advantage and the interest and accretions therefrom shall be used to preserve and keep in proper condition and care for  the lots and graves where my father John N. Schneider and my mother Eva M. Schneider, my brothers  John G. Schneider,  Henry Schneider  and  Louis Schneider and my grand father John N. Schneider and  John Bohlander are buried at Center grave yard in Brandywine Township, Shelby County Indiana.

3.  I direct that my Executor hereafter named shall purchase an appropriate and genteel cemetery vase and placed the same between the grave of my sister Katherine Mohr and myself and I hereby will and devise to the Forest Hill Cemetery Company the sum of One Hundred (100.00) dollars to be held by said Cemetery Company in perpetuity and loaned out and the interest to be used to Maintain flowers in said vase.

4.  I will and devise to the Shelbyville Trust Company as Trustee to hold in trust the sum of Five Hundred (500.00) dollars for the use and benefit of Morris Harold Trust the sum of Five Hundred dollars to be loaned out to the best advantage and paid to him  with the accretions when he arrives at the age of Twenty One (21) years of age; except if he shall show a disposition to take and education after he arrives at the age of Eighteen years then said funds may be used to educate him, but if he shall die before he arrives at the age of Twenty One years of the said fund is not exhausted in his education any balance in the hands of  said Trustee shall be turned over and paid   to the organization of Kings daughters of Shelbyville Indiana to be used for such charitable purposes in aiding the proof of said city as they may see fit.

5.  All the balance of my estate both real and personal of every kind after reducing same to cash, I will devise and bequeath as follows.

One half (1/2) part in value to my mothers, brothers, daughters who reside in Germany and if they are dead then to their children or grandchildren to be distributed under the rules of descent of the State of Indiana, such children or grand children to take the share that their parents would have take of living. Not knowing the addresses or whether all of said beneficiaries are living I direct my Executor to write to one of said daughters Margaret Nasiasth Estinbach Biekensal, Rhunefalz, Germany for the addresses of the benefices under this clause in my Will. The name of my mother's brother above referred as George Bohlander.

6.  The other half of the cash proceeds of my property real and personal I will devise and bequeath to the relatives of my father, as follows:  To the descendants of my father's sister Dorothy Felig to take under the rules of descent of the State of Indiana Residents of Jefferson County Indiana.

The said Dorothy Felig being dead it is my will that all of her heirs and descendants shall have the above bequeath to be distributive to them under the laws of descents of the State of Indiana the same as if said property has been inherited from her.

I am not able to give the names of all of her descendants and therefore leave their rights and kinship to be shown to the proper Court.

7.  I nominate and appoint the Shelbyville Trust Company of Shelbyville, Indiana as the Executor of this Will to carry out its provisions.

Dated this September 24th, 1913.

Margaret R. Schneider

      K. M.  Hood              
      Miss Florence Ives      

Recorded Book 6
pages 369 to 374
October 6, 1913

Transcribed by Wanda

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