Last  Will  and  Testament
Matthias  Schoelch

I, Matthias Schoelch of the city of Shelbyville, Shelby County Indiana do
make declare and publish the following all my last will and testament.

Item 1.  I will and direct that all of my just debts, funeral expenses and the expenses of administration of my estate be first paid by my Executor hereinafter named.

Item 2,  I will and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Weingarth the piano and also one of the wardrobes, now situate in my residence.

Item 3,   I will and devise to my son Robert Schoelch the following described real estate situated in Shelby County Indiana to wit Beginning at a stone 48 rods South of the North East corner of the North West quarter of Section 8 of Township 12-North of Range 7 East, and running thence South 14 rods to the center of the Sheblyville and Norristown Turnpike thence in a north westerly course along the center of said Turnpike 13 rods and thence Northeasterly to the place of beginning.

Item 4 -  I will and devise to my three sons John Schoelch,  Robert Schoelch,  Valentine Schoelch  in equal proportions and share and share alike the Grave Yard lots which I purchased of  John Blessing and situated in the City Cemetery of Shelbyville, Indiana.

Item 5   I will, devise and bequeath to my daughters  Amelia Schoelch  for and during the terms of her Natural life and for that term only the brick residence in which I may live situated on the North side of East Franklin Street   in the City of Shelbyville Indiana together with fifty feet of the entire West side of the lots.  upon which the same is situated and also all of the household goods and furniture contained in said house at the time of my death Except the Piano and Wardrobe herinabove bequeathed to my daughter Margaret Weingarth.

Upon the death of my said daughter Amelia Schoelch if she should leave no children surviving her I will and devise said house and lot and said household goods and furniture to my five Children John, Valentine, Robert,  Henry  and Margaret, each the one-sixth part in value thereof.

Item 6  I will and direct that my Executor hereinafter named shall under the orders of the Shelby Circuit Court and upon the terms prescribe by said Court sell all of the real Estate of which I shall be the owner at the time of my death.   Except the trust herinabove devised to my to my son Robert,       the grave yard lots devised to my sons John,  Robert and Valentine and my brick residence and the fifty feet ground herinabove willed to my daughter Amelia for life and after said real estate is sold and converted into money I will devise and bequeath the proceeds of sale of said real estate and all other money or personal property belonging to me at the time of my death and not herein above otherwise disposed of to my six children John, Valentine, Robert Henry Amelia and Margaret in equal proportions and share and share alike.

Item 7.  I hereby nominate and appoint my son John Schoelch As Executor of this my last will and Testament.

Item 8   I hereby revoke all wills by me at any time hereinfore made.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 9"day of August 1911.

Signed:   Matthias Schoelch

      David B Wilson
      John Messick

Recorded book 6
pages 391-394
December 26, 1913
Submitted by Wanda

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