Last  Will  and  Testament  of
Oliver  Mason  Thompson

          I,  Oliver Mason Thompson  of Shelby County Indiana hereby make and publish this my last Will and Testament.

Item One.  I hereby order, will and direct that as soon as convenient after my decease my executor shall sell, dispose of and reduce to cash, all of the property real, personal and mixed of which I shall be the owner at my decease.

Item Two.  I will, give, devise and bequeath unto my wife, Mary E. Thompson the sum of Five Hundred ($500.00) Dollars of such proceeds from the sale of my property and direct that my executor pay the same to her out of the first money that shall come into his hands.  

Item Three.  I will, order and direct that my Executor shall next pay from the money in his hands, all of my just debts, and the expenses of the settlement of my estate and also that he shall purchases and pay for a suitable lot in Forrest Hill Cemetery for a burial place for myself and family, and he shall also purchase, in connection with such burial place, sufficient funds in which to reinter the bodies of my father, Alfred Thompson, my mother Matilda Thompson, my sister Mrs. Kate Brown, my first wife Alice Thompson and my three deceased children, all of whom are buried in the City Cemetery to such burial lot so to be provided in said Forrest Hill Cemetery and shall pay the expenses thereof from said money in his hands,  And also, he shall provide and set apart of such funds, sufficient money to pay the funeral expenses of my mother-in-law Mrs. Lydia Groble, and in the event she shall depart this life before the expiration of his trust he shall pay said funeral expenses, if not, he shall deposit such money for said purpose with The Shelbyville Trust Company, to be used for said purpose when needed.  Also, if I shall not have purchased a monument before my decease, I will order and direct my said Executor to purchase one at a cost not to exceed Five hundred ($500.00) Dollars and to have the same erected (and suitable lettered) on the lot where my remains shall be buried in said Forrest Hill Cemetery.  

Item Four.  After my Executor shall have fully paid all the funds required to carry out all of the provisions of item two an d three of this Will, then it is my  will that all of the residue of the proceeds of my entire estate in his hands, shall be disposed of as follows: I will, give, devise and bequeath unto my said wife the full one third part of such residue she to have, hold and own the same absolutely, with the full right to use and dispose of the same as she shall fee fit to do: I also five, will, devise and bequeath unto my said daughter Mrs. Lillie C. Bemenhiser, the full one third part of all the money that shall remain in my said Executors hands after carrying out the provisions of said items two and three, the same to be hers absolutely but if she shall die before my decease, then the bequest herein made to her shall become the property of her living children and the descendants of such of her children who may be dead, if any there be.

Item Five.  I hereby order, will and direct that the other one third of my estate, left after carrying our the provisions of  said Items Two and three of this will. shall be placed  into the charge and custody of said Shelbyville Trust Company as Trustee, and the said Trustee shall keep said money loaned as continuously as possible at the best rate of interest that as be obtained therefor or keep the same invested in first lien, Shelby County, real estate mortgage bond, and from the income from such Trust fund, said Trustee shall pay the taxes on such fund and the expenses of and for the service of such Trustee, and the residue the income from such trust fund, I give devise and bequeath unto my son Harry C. Thompson, the same to be paid to him quarter yearly  by said Trustee, as the same accumulates, such payments to be made on the first days of each January, April, July and October until the decease of my said son, it being my intention not to divise any part of the principal of said trust fund to my said son, on to his use, but to give him all of the income therefrom during the residue of his natural life, less the taxes and expenses aforesaid.

Item Six.  I hereby give, will, devise and bequeath unto the children of said Harry C. Thompson if any there be living at his decease, and to the descendants of such of his children as may then be dead, the principal sum of the trust fund so to be placed in the hands and charge of said Shelbyville Trust Company, if any such descendants of my said son shall exist at the item of his decease, but this devise to such descendants shall not  take effect until the death of my said son: and in the event that at the time of the death of my said son, he shall then have no children  their descendants living, then, in such care, I five will and devise and bequeath, the principal sum of said trust so remaining in the hands of said trustee at my said son's death to my said daughter. Mrs. Lillie Bemenhiser, and if she be dead a the decease said son then I give, will, devise and bequeath said principal, sun of said trust unto her children, then living and to the descendants of such of her children as may the be dead, but this divise shall not take effect, if alt all until the death of my said sob Harry C. Thompson. I make this provision this way for my said son in order to insure him during his life with means of support and to prevent unfortunate investments and the possible dissipation of said funds and not from any lack of affection for him.

Item Seven,  I hereby appoint  Louis Hoover as the Executor of this will and
revoke all former wills.

Witness my hand and seal this the 9th day of October 1913.

Signed:  Oliver M. Thompson  ( seal )

     Louis Hoover
     Ed K. Adams
Recorded Book 6
pages 408-413
January 23, 1914

Submitted by Wanda

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