Last  Will  and  Testament  for
Robert  S.  Wells  and  Eliza  Wells

We  Robert S. Wells  and  Eliza Wells  his wife of Shelby County and the State of Indiana make and publish this as our joint Will and Testament

At the death of either of us it is our will that the survivor shall have and receive, and we do hereby divise and bequeath to the survivor of us all of our property real and personnel and mixed to have and hold absolutely and in fee simple.

At the death of the survivor of us, we will and devise all of our property real and personal of every kind and description to our children  Edward F. Wells,  Susan E. Gordon  and  John B. Wells  share and share alike.

We direct that all of our property real and personal shall be reduced to cash and divided among our children as above set out equally, except that the share and interest of our daughter  Susan E. Gordon, shall be placed in the hands of our son Edward F. Wells, who we hereby nominate and appoint as trustee for said fund, which fund shall be used exclusively for the use and benefit of the said Susan E. Gordon and her minor children dependent upon her for support.  

If the said Susan E. Gordon shall not be the wife of  Robert Gordon at the time of our death the said funds shall be paid to her directly, without the intervention of said trusteeship and at any time after our death, she being then the Wife of said Robert Gordon and the relation of husband and wife between our said daughter and  said Gordon shall cease then if said trustee shall have any money or funds in his hands belonging to said daughter then the said trustee shall immediately pay said fund over to our said daughter.  It being our will and desire that the said Robert Gordon shall in no way be supported or receive any benefit directly or indirectly form the proceeds of our property, but the same shall be maintained and held for the exclusive benefit of our said daughter and her dependent children and if she shall die being the wife of said Robert Gordon then said money and funds shall go absolutely to her children.

It is our will that the survivor of either of us shall be appointed Executor or executrix to execute this Will and upon the death of the survivor our three children shall have the right to nominate and select some competent person to execute this will, which choice must be unanimous agreement of all of said children, or all of such as may there be living.  

It is our wish and desire that our son Edward F. Wells, if appointed as trustee to manage the funds belonging to our daughter, Susan E. Gordon, shall act without pay or compensation except his actual expenses in managing said Trust.

In Witness Whereof this said Robert S. Wells & Eliza Wills have hereunto set our hands and seals this first day of April A.D. 1908.

Signed:   Robert S. Wells  ( seal )  
Eliza    x    Wells  ( seal )

K. M.  Hord

Recorded Book 6
pages 328 - 331
May 15, 1913

Transcribed by Wanda

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