Last  Will  and  Testament
Sarah  C. Dippel

I,  Sarah C. Dippel  of Shelby County Indiana, hereby make my last will.

Item 1.  I will that all my just debts be paid by my executor.

Item 2.  I hereby give devise and bequeath unto my grand-daughter  Margarite Thurston  my share of stock in the Shelby County Fair Association.

Item 3.  I hereby give will and bequeath unto my daughter  Josephine F. Thurston  all of the linoleum, carpets and rugs owned by me the time of my decease, they being in my house in which I now reside, and I also will and bequeath to her my two stoves.  I also will, give and bequeath unto my said daughter Josephine F. Thurston the sum of one hundred and sixty ($160.00) dollars as compensation to her for the 16 weeks she has cared for me and dome my house hold work during my present illness, and I give will and bequeath to her the sum of $10.00 per week for all the time hereafter that she shall so care for me and do my household work, until my decease, and my executor is directed to pay her said compensation for said past and future service from my estate, after my decease, and, in consideration for all that my said daughter and my grand daughter Marguerite Thurston have done for me, I hereby release and acknowledge as fully paid and settled all claims for boarding, and care given to both of them, including any and all things furnished them, and I will and direct that no charge shall be made against them by my executor or my estate for or on a count of any said matters, or for or on account of any such boarding, care or things furnished that they shall receive from me in the future until my decease.  I hereby further state that at my request my said daughter has signed my name to checks and has drawn and expended money, for me, all of which has been done for my benefit and properly, and I will and direct that she shall not be requested to account in any way (typist note: the following is written in -- on account of said matters and I hereby state that she has fully accounted to me) for all moneys of mine drawn for me as aforesaid and it is my will that she shall continue to serve me in drawing and expending money for me by checks and otherwise as aforesaid, and that she shall not be rquested to account to my estate therefor my sickness making it necessary that my said daughter shall perform such services for me.

Item 4.  All of the residue of my property real and personal and of every kind, I hereby give will devise and bequeath unto my children Josephine Thurston,  Elisabeth Yarling,  Margaret Maloy,  Wilhelmina Reddington  and  George E. Dipple,  they to have hold and own the same absolutely, share and share alike, and none of my said children shall be charged with any money or property heretofore advanced to them or paid out for them by me.

Item 5.  I hereby nominate and appoint Shelbyville Trust Company of  Shelbyville Indiana, as the executor of this will and I hereby revoke all former wills made by me.

          In witness wherefore I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day of June, 1916.
Sarah C. Dippel. ( SEAL )

The foregoing will was signed by the said Sarah C. Dippel, and acknowledged by her to be her last will, in our pesence and we at her request hereby attest her signature to said will in her presence and in the presence of each other, this June 22, 1916.
Flora Shelk. ( SEAL )
Ed. K. Adams ( SEAL )

State of Indiana, Shelby County, SS:
          Be it remembered that on the 16th day of March A. D., 1917, the 5th judicl day of the March term of the Shelby Circuit Court in said Term come into open Court Shelbyville Trust Company and produces in court an instrument in writing purporting to be the last will and testament of S rah C. Dippel, deceased, and now moves the admittance thereof to probate and record, and in proof of said Will introduces Ed. K. Adams and Flora Shelk the subscribing witnesses thereto, who being duly sworn by the Clerk of said Court, on oath, declare and testify as follows, th t is to day: that on the 22nd day of June 1916 they saw the said Sarah C. Dippel sign her name to said instrument in writing as and for her last will and testament; and that (unable to read the word) deponents at the same, time heard the said Sarah C. Dippel declare the said instrument in writing to be her last Will and Testament, and that the said instrument in writing was, at the same time, at the request of the said Sarah C. Dippel and with here consent attested and subscribed by the said Ed. K. Adams and Flora Shelk in the presence of said testator, and in he presence of each other, as subscribing witnesses thereto, and that the said Sarah C. Dippel was, at the time of the signing and subscribing of said instrument in writing, as aforesaid, of full age (that is, more than twenty one years of age) and of sound and disposing mind and memory, and not under any coercion or restraint, as the said deponents verily believe and further deponents say not.
Ed. K. Adams    
Mrs. Flora Shelk.

Sworn to nd subscribed by the said above named af iants before me Cecil B. Collins Clerk of the said Court, at Shelbyville Indiana, the 16th day ofa March, 1917.
Cecil B. Collins, Clerk.

Whereupon it is ordered adjudged and decreed by the court that said instrument in writing purporting to be the ast will of Sarah C. Dippel, deceased, is the last will and testament of s id Sarah C. Dippel, deceased, and is hereby admitted to probate record in this court.
Cecil B. Collins, Clerk

State of Indiana, Shelby County SS:
          I, Cecil B. Coll ins Clerk of the Circuit Court of Shelby County Indiana, do hereby certify that the within annexed will and testament of Sarah C. Dippel, has been duly admitted to probate, and duly proved by the testimony of Ed. K. Adams and Flora Shelk the subscribing witnesses thereto, that a complete record of said Will and of the Testimony of said witnesses in proof thereof, has been by me duly made and recorded in Book 7 at Pages 206 and 207 of the record of Wills in said County.

          IN  ATTESTATION  WHEREOF,  I have hereunto subscribed my name, and afixed the seal of said Court at Shelbyville, Indiana, his 16th day of  March, 1917.
Cecil B. Collins, Clerk.
Circuit Court, Shelby County.

Transcribed by Jeanette Crane and Barb Huff

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