Will  of
Sarah   Lucile  Hering

I,  Lucile Hering  wife of  Lee Hering  hereby make and publish this my last Will.

Item one.  I give, will, and device and bequeath unto my sister Martha Mc Closkey and my sister Mary Mc Closkey, all of the property, real and personal, which I shall own at my decease, they to have and own the same, share and share alike.

Item 2.  I hereby appoint my brother James M. Mc Closkey as the Executor of this Will. 12 th day of October 1913.

Signed    Lucile Hering - Seal

The foregoing Will was signed by the said Lucile Hering and acknowledge by her to be her last Will and Testament in own presence, and we at her request hereby attach her hereby attach her signature to said will in her presence and in the presence of each other this October 13th October 13th. 1913.                                                                              
 William W. Tindall -seal  }Witnesses   
Margaret M. Finley -seal  }

State of Indiana, Shelby County S.S.

Be it remembered, that on the 19th day of November and 1913 the 3 judicial day of the November term of the Shelby Circuit Court in said year, come into open court William W. Tindall and produces in Court The Last Will and Testament of Lucile Hering deceased and now moves the admittance thereof to probate and record and in proof of said Will introduces himself one of the said subscribing witnesses thereto who being duty sworn by the Clerk of said Court on oath declare and testify as follows: that on the 13th  day of October 1913 he saw the said Lucile Hering sigh her name to said instrument in writing as and for her last will and testament; and that this deponent, at the same time, heard the said Lucille Hering declare the said instrument in writing  was at the same time, at the request of the said Lucile Hering and with her consent attached and subscribe by the said William W. Tindall  and Margaret M. Finley in the presence of said testator, and in the presence if each other a subscribing witness thereto and that the said Lucile Hering was at the time of the signing and subscribing of said instrument in writing as  aforesaid, of full age (that is more than twenty one years of age) and of sound and deposing mind and memory.

William W. Tindall

Recorded in Book 6 at page 389 and 390 on 4 Mar 1914.

Transcribed by Wanda

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