I Sidona Montgomery of the County of Shelby and State of Indiana

Doe make this my laste will and testamente here by revoking and making void all others by me at aney time heretofore maid Firste I direct that my body to be decently interred and as to sutch of my worley efects which It hais pleased God to intruste me with I dispose of in the following way to wit --------I direct that my juste debts and funerial expencis be paid as soon after my disease as posible - And afare valuation of my property both personal and real be maid by two of my neighbors and my Execitor is hereby orthorised to make sale of it upon the beste terms for reddy money or upon a resonable credit -- Further I doe will and bequeath to my grand son Kormakan Hays one Hundred Dollars if living if not to go to his brothers and sisters share and share aboute I will and bequeath to my grand daughter Jane Pitzer Thirty Dollars.  I will and bequeath to my Grand daughter Macy Roberts Thirty Dollars I doe will and bequeath to Sarah Elsea and Susanah Fluhearte and Sidona Fluhearte Thirty five Dollars each.  I will and bequeath to my grand daughter Elizebeth H. Troxel Fifty dollars I will and bequeath to William Montgomery Fifty dollars I will and bequeath to Mary Benefiel ten dollars and Betsy Benefiel Ten dollars I will and bequeath to my grand children Sarah ann Herste John Hurste Susanah E. Herste five Dollars each and Elonor Hirste five dollars. I doe will and bequeath all the reste of the moneys and affects not other wise disposed of by this my laste will to be devided amongste my children share and share about And I heare by make and ordain my son William Montgomery exector of this my laste will and testament in witnefs where of I Sidona Mont- gomery the testratrix have here unto set my hand and seale this eighteenth day of March in the year of our Lorde eighteen hundred and thirty five ~ ~

Sidond     O     Montgomery

C,, B,, Jones
Sidney Hurst

State of Indiana Shelby County Ss
                    Be it remembered that on the Eigth day of December in the Year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and thirty five Personally appeared before Me Sylvan B Morris Clerk of the probate Court of said County at my office in Shelbyville, Sidney Hurst one of the Subscribing witnefses to the fore- going will and being by me duly Sworn saith that She saw Sidoma Montgomery Sign, Seal, publish and declare the foregoing as her last will and Testament that She Subscribed her name thereto as a witnefs in the presence and at the request of the said Testatrix and in the presence of Constant B Jones the other Subscribing witnefs and she verily believes the said Testatrix was of Sound mind and Memory at the time of its Execution and further saith not.
Sidney Hurst /s/

Sworn to and subscribed before me the day and year last aforesaid
S B Morris Clerk /s/

PMF notes:
1) this is the earliest will written by a female that I have encountered in Shelby Co;
2) there are multiple spellings of Mrs. Montgomery's given name throughout the estate papers including Sidonya, Sidona, Sidonia, Sydonia, Sydona and Sidonay.
Transcribed by Phyllis Miller Fleming
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