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Earliest  Settlers,  1821

          Early Settlements - 1821.  During the year 1821, settlements were made in almost every part of the county.  Indeed, they were made so rapidly that it is difficult to tell which is entitled to the priority.  Those who were prominent among the early settlers of the various parts of the county, not elsewhere mentioned, were:
Hugh and Jeremiah Campbell
James Woods
Peter Andrews
Nathan Simpson
John Andrews
Elijah Kirkpatrick
and William Law
Peter Heck
Noble Grimes
Robert Kennedy
Thomas Vaughan
Hudson Ray
Edward Toner
John Salla
John Snyder
James Young
Lewis Hendricks
Rev. Henry Logan
Sevier Lewis
John I. Lewis
Philip Robins
Benjamin Reece
Jesse Beard
Ephraim Webb
James Hill
Archibald Gordon
and John Wallace
Richard Doughty
William Fleming
Fleming Kennedy
Edward Miller
Reuben Davison
and Martin Updegraff
John Goodwin
Joseph and Enoch Tucker
Zachariah Collins
Joshua Ensminger
David French
Jacob Creek
Dr. John Hamond [s/b Haymond -
Jedidiah Tingle
Henry Moore
Lewis Henry
Marcus Mesener
Joseph Chapman
Kemble E. Midkiff
Rev. Henry Fisher
Rev. Thomas Jones
and Michael Youngman
Ira L. Bartley
and Jesse Youngman
Elijah Byland
Samuel Love
William McNeilly  [s/b McNeely -
Samuel Monroe
John Ballard
Wesley Rucker
William Trackwell
David Robertson
Abraham Leonard
Meager and Bennett Powell
John Wykoff

Aaron Moncack  [s/b Womack - JB]
John Steers
and St. Claire Ensmenger  [s/b Ensminger - JB]
John McConnell
S. G. Huntingdon
Adam Smith, Sr.
James Johnson
Matthew Campbell
William McConnell
John Hindsman
Joseph Trusler
Reuben Strickler
Daniel Padrick
James White
Henry Willard
William Dannell
David Hoover
Linsey Boggess
Joseph Hough
Robert Myers
James Holmes
William Hoskins
William Croddy
William F. Morgan
Amos Collins
John H. Stewart
William Edwards
Lee Parish
Robert Hankins
Bissell Burr
Hugh Campbell
Lewis Morgan
Daniel Williams
James Norville
David Bradley
John Nail
Daniel Campbell
John Oldham
Jeremiah, Joseph
and Isaac Odell
Byron Harrell
George W. Holmes
John Griffith
Rev. Mathew Sedgewick
John Brierly
and Joseph Hunt
Benjamin Bass
James H. Gregory
George Updegraff
Samuel Derrick
Harman Updegraff
Hally Helper
Philip Fix
Joseph, Jacob
and David Winterowd [a/s Winterrowd]
Jonathan Winans
James Van Bentusen
Thomas Cochran
John and Thomas Clayton
John Eberhart
and Isaac Drake
Samuel Walker
and Ithamar Drake
Zachariah Vansickle
William Deiwert
John J. Lewis
Harvey Pope
George Conger
Adam Mow
William Hays
Thomas Wooley
Mathew Floyd
David and Thomas Maze
Enoch Krimble
William and James Bone
Moses Billingsly
Aaron and James Fix
Joseph Jones
Joshua and Jesse Spurlin
Martin Warner
Claiborne and Joel Williams
John M. Coleman
Thomas Watson
David Kepley
Jacob Youngman
William Arnold
Hugh and Samuel Hamilton
James Kitchen
Rev. Samuel Loudan
George Bass
Joshua Campbell
Francis Amos
William A. Doble
James Smith
Michael Murnan
James Murnan
John and Alexander Means
Fountain Means
and Peter Mann
Benjamin Breedlove
John and Maston House
Jordan Wright
John Drake
Heman Keeler
George W. Holmes
Hiram Johnson
James Holmes
Jackson Andrews
John K. Paulen
John Stanley
Henry D. Andrews
John Hoop
Ichabod Jackson
Peter Crum
John Waldroff
Nimrod Jackson
Frederick House
Robert Means
William Harper
John Gregg
Samuel Cones
Enoch Ruggles
George Martin
Dr. Culbertson
George Waldroff
Lewis J. Reeves
Caleb Reeves
K. Parrish
Green and John Vernon
Jackson Plummer
Peter and William Fousler  [Fansler-pmf]
Duncan McDougal
Henry Youtsey
Nathaniel Vice
William Oley
and Webster Milkins
[this may really be William, Otey and Webb Wilkins - JTW]
N. B. Snodgrass
George W. Wood
George Nulliner
James, Stephen
and Daniel Nichols
Samuel Bawlins
Jackson Campbell
James H. Smith
Phillip Ensminger
William Cotton
Moses Coffin
Thomas Golding
Peter De Witt
John Derrickson
Mathew C.
and Samuel Brown
John Vance
Zacheus Bennett
William Nixon Bennett
James Robertson
Rezin Wheeler
Hiram A. Cotton
Thomas Moberly
David Gunning
John Glenn
Major Robert F. Farris
Isaac Farris
George Forsythe
Robert Brown
James B. Gunning
Henley B. Branson
and Moses Linville
Lewis Crim
and Joseph A. Talbert
George Leiss
[this should be  George Zeiss - JRD]
George Michael Becker
John G. Keppel
George M. Keppel
George M. Haehl
John Jacob Haehl

History of Shelby County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, pgs 303-305
Contributed by Judith Lucero

          For three months after the land office had been opened for the sale of the land contained within the new purchase the office was overrun with buyers. Those who entered land in Shelby County in 1820 were:

Township 11, Range 5 Jesse Scott, October 4; John Collins, October 4; Archibald Gordon, November 11; Jesse Cole, October 4; Mary McGuire, November 25; Joseph Dawson, November 28; C. C. Tn-es, October 24; George Graham, October 4; Jand A. Wilson, October 23; William Slayback, December 5; Moses Pruitt, October 5 ; Henr}' Warman, October 5 ; John Priest, October 5 ; David Jamison, October 5 ; David Scott, October 5 ; Isaac Wilson, October 5; Thomas Gwynn, October 5.

Township 11, Range 6 James McCov, October 6; Arthur Major, October 6; Samuel Ward, October 20; Joseph Reece, July 20; Lewis Drake, October 7; Anson Betts, October 18; William Campbell, October 7 ; Jeremiah Long, October 7 ; Alexander Van Pelt, October 7: Abraham Lee, November 11; Aaron Atherton, November 3; Agulla Cross, October 7: Samuel Walker, Octo- ber 7; Moses Wiley, October 7; Ithamer Drake, October 7; Job Moor, October 7; William Powers, October 24; Amos Higgins, October 13; Daniel Hock, October 20; James Records, Decem- ber 2 ; Martin Cheney, October 2 1 ; Leonard Cutter, October 7; Adam Seeney, October 21; Wills Tow, October 7; David Guard, October 7; Benjamin Ensley, October 7; Harvey Brown, October 13; Charles Collett, October 7; Judah Tingle, November 13; John Venard, November 6: James Campbell, October 7: James Thompson, November 13; J. D. Conrey, November 13.

Township 12, Range 6 Peter Andrews, October 24; Charles Hubbard, November 22: Hugh Campbell, October 21; Nathan Simpson, October 24; John Fancher, October 10; Edward Toner, October 9; Jerre Campbell, October 31: James Wood, October 31.

Township 13, Range 6 John Higbee, November 11; William Creddv, November 24; S. G. Huntington, October 30; James Johnson, October 7; Joseph Roll, October 30; Matthias Campbell, October 23.

Township 11, Range 7 Isaac Avery, October 23;  George Palmer, October 9;  Davit Jewett, December 31.

Township 13, Range 7 Jacob Fox, December 9;  Jane Sleeth, October 9;  William Sleeth, October 9;  William Fouts, October 9;  David Fisher, October 9; Benjamin Williams, October 9; James Williams, October 9; James Greer, October 9; Thomas B. Brown, A. Wallace, S. Lewis, Thomas Harvey, John N. Cobert, Februarv 20; John Walker, December 20: John Walker, October 10: Francis Walker, October 30; Henry Bass, December 19; Calvin Kenley, November 13; James Davison, December 20;  William Goodrich, October 9;  John Love, October 9;  Thomas Porter, January 1;  J. H. and James Young, November 24;  John Van Buskirk, November 28.

Township 14, Range 7 Josiah Gover, November 21; Resin Davis, October 12; E. Lucas, November 7: Joseph Hewitt, November 7: Joshua Wilson, October 9; Richard Tyner, October 9; James Griffin, October 19; William Johnson, October 9; P. Kitchell, November 17: Eleazer Burham, October 21; S. M. Cole, No- vember 7; Benjamin Cole, October 12; Nathan Davis, October 21.

Township 11, Range 8 George Salrey, October 23.

          It will be observed that the above shows that entries were made in a few instances prior to October, 1820. This is doubtless a clerical error made in copying from the original records.

History of Shelby County, Indiana, Chicago: Brant & Fuller, 1887, pgs 305-306
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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