Schools  of  Shelby  County  Indiana
Brandywine  Township


Top Row, l to r:
Clifford Morgan,  Martha Jean Nigh,  C.M. Conger (Principal),  Eva M. Bush,  Orn H. Anderson

Second Row from Top, l to r:
Loretta Borden, Thomas Goodwin,  Florence Kocher (Lat.Eng),  Claudia Vance (Sponser),  Dorsal Hauk,  Elizabeth R. Tomlinson

Middle Row, l to r:
Harold Helms,  Grace Cox (Eng. Com.),  W. E. Jones (Trustee),  F. Richard Willsey (Coach),  Bonnie Griner

Second Row from bottom, l to r:
Pauline Porter,  Forrest M. Williams,  Mary Snider,  Mary Elizabeth Parker,  Thomas Milner,  Edith Eliza Brewer

Bottom Row. L to r:
Elva G. Oldham,  Anna Allen

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