Schools  of  Shelby  County  Indiana
Brandywine  Township

Fairland  High  School
Graduating  Class  of  1939

Top row, l to r:
Ella Vey Brant,  John R. Shelton,  Ruby June Harrell,  Rex Skillman (V.Pres.),  F. Richard Willsey (Coach),  Mildred Montgomery,  Milton Lloyd Anderson,  Annabel Tomlinson.

Second row from the top, l to r:
Mary Goodwin,  Fred Hauk,  Claudia Vance (Mus. H. E. Sponser),  C.M. Conger (Princ.),  Florence Kocher (Lat.Eng.),  Frank E.Branson,  Helen Kocher.

Middle Row, l to r:
Vivian D. Kendall, Jim Williams,  Grace Cox (Eng.Com.), W. E. Jones (Trustee),  Frank Totten, Jr. (Pres.),  Lenora Batton (Sec.Treas.),  Don E. Hornaday,  Helen Records.

Second Row from bottom, l to r:
Meredith Patterson,  Yvonne Stewart,  Esther Clayton,  Janice Mallory,  Esther Hornaday,  Marion Fansler.

Bottom Row, l to r:
Frances Sullivan,  Roy I. Perkins,Jr.,  Donald Miller,  Agnes Perry.

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