Aaron  Coffin,  dec'd

Last  Will  and  Testament

Filed February 17th
1847   J. Vernon, Ck

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          The last will & testament of  Aaron Coffin  of Shelby County Indiana witnessed by  Jacob Mull  and  doctor James W Trees
November 2nd  1843

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          Know all men by these presents,  ----  That I Aaron Coffin of Shelby County, Marion township & State of Indiana, (farmer) being advanced in years, & calling to mind the uncertainty of this life, ----  and being of sound & disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this, as my last will and testament, ----  in manner & form following: ------  That is to say. ----Imprimis; ---- I commend my soul to God who gave it; and my body to be decently buried, at the discretion of my Executors herein after named; ----  and that my funeral expenses & all my Just debts be duly paid out of my personal estate within convenient time after my decease. ----  as to the property I may die possessed of; ---- my will is that my personal estate be sold,  Except such parts thereof, as my in the following disposition of this will, be otherwise provided for. ----  That the money arising from the sale of my Chattel property, together with what money may be on hand (if there should be any) & such debts by note or otherwise as may be owing to the estate be collected. ----  this being done, I give unto my four daughters, Viz:  Phebe PikeRuth Coffin,  Anna Jordan,  Mary Barnard,  all and the amount of the sales of my personal property to be divided part & part alike among them; Except ten dollars to be reserved, which (ten dollars) I give to my grand daughter  Elvira Macy.  My Bound books & wearing apparel to be equally divided among my Children now living in Indiana.  My loose papers & manuscrips I give unto my son, George Fox Coffin.  There is a number of silver spoons among the reserved property which derived to me from my ancestry which I wish to be divided among my four daughters, not so much for their value, as to keep in remembrance and line of ancestry from whence we descended, together with the antiquity of the articles described. ----  I give unto my daughter  Phebe Pike, one silver tablespoon marked on the back  E H,  s g,  the first initials stands for  Elizabeth Hussey  my mother's maiden name, the other stands for  Sarah Gorham  her Mother's Maiden Name. ----  I give unto my daughter  Ruth Coffin  one silver tablespoon, marked  M C  which stands for  Mary Coffin  her grand Mother's maiden Name,  Item,  I give unto  Anna Jordan  one silver table spoon, marked   M C,  which stands for  Mary Coffin  her grand Mother Barnard's maiden name.  I give unto my daughter  Mary Barnard  one silver table spoon, (which she has already received) engraved on the back at large, Mary Barnard, which was her Mother's Maiden name. also the time of her birth. ---- I give unto my grand Daughter  Elvira Macy,  two silver teaspoons marked on the back thus  (W B  M)  which stands for  William Barnard and  Mary  his wife, who was great grandmother to said Elvira Macy. ----  Item  I give & bequeath unto  George Fox Coffin  my son, the farm or tract of land on which I now reside provided he shall pay unto  Abel Gardner  my grandson of NC ten dollars in favor of  George Gardner deceased, his father & ten dollars as a bequest from me to  William Coffin  my son living in Guilford County North Carolina, and that he pay unto  Benjamin Coffin  my son also living in north Carolina Stokes County the sum of ten dollars as a bequest from me, as  Moses Coffin  my son, late of Rush County in this State, is now dead. ----  I give & bequeath unto  Milton Coffin  his son & my grandson the sum of ten dollars, ----  all which amounting to the sum of forty dollars in the aggregate, the  George Fox Coffin  said is to pay over to the several legatees or their representatives, or secure the payment within twelve months from the time of my decease, there stipulations being well & truly performed, he the s'd George Fox Coffin is to hold the right & title to the farm on which I now live, containing 80 acres lying situate in Shelby & Rush Counties I A and I hereby revoke & disannul any will I heretofore may have made, and lastly I constitute & appoint  John Golding  my nabor &  John Macy  (who is married to my grand daughter Elvira) as executors jointly of this my last will & testament. ----  In witness whereof I the said  Aaron Coffin have set my hand & affixed my Seal the second day of November anno domino 1843
  /s/   Aaron Coffin   {{seal}}
Signed pronounced sealed, & declared by the said Aaron Coffin
to be his last will & testament in presence of 
/s/   Jacob Mull
/s/   James W Trees

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Indiana  Shelby County  SS
                        Before me  Jacob Vernon  Clerk of the Probate Court of said county personally came Jacob Mull and being by me duly sworn says he saw and heard Aaron Coffin late of said county, who is now deceased, sign seal publish and declare the foregoing instrument of writing as and for his last will and testament that he verily believes he said Aaron was of sound mind and perfect memory at the time of its execution, and not under restraint or coercion, and that he signed his name thereto as a witness at the request of and in the presence of said testator and in presence of James W trees the other subscribing witness thereto, and further says not
Jacob Mull
        Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of February A D 1847
/s/   J Vernon   clerk

State of Indiana
Shelby County   SS
                        I  Jacob Vernon  Clerk of the Probate Court of Shelby County in the state of Indiana do hereby certify that the within will was on the Seventeenth day of February AD 1847 duly admitted to Probate before me as such clerk, and that a full and complete Record of the same together with the proof and examination of Jacob Mull the witness by whom the same was proven is made, and Recorded in Letters of Administration Book A. on pages 159 & 60
In testimony whereof I have hereunto Subs-
cribed my name and affixed the seal of    
said Probate Court this 17th day of    
February AD 1847                          
/s/   J Vernon  ck
Contributed by Phyllis Miller Fleming

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