Shelby  County  Indiana  Deeds
Original  Land  Owners

who purchased land in Shelby Co,IN
while they were living in Franklin Co, IN.

          Deeds are handled by the Recorder's Office.  Index books are available for all years, and the individual deeds have been microfilmed.

Land Purchases, Geographical Area, Franklin Co IN Residents
T14N  R5E
Moral Twp

T14N  R6E
Moral, VanBuren Twps

Hank,  Thomas
T14N  R7E  VanBuren, Hanover

Toner,  Arnold,  Dickerson,  
Johnson,  Williams,  Hewitt
Smith,  Hetrick, Kitchell,
Coy,  Kinsley,  Stone,  Francis
T14N  R8E
Hanover Twp


T13N  R5E
Sugar Creek Twp

Curry,  Conwell
Gordon,  Stubbs
T13N  R6E
Sugar Creek, Brandywine,
Addison Twps

Graham,  Gordon
Conwell,  Stubbs,  Curry
T13N  R7E
Marion, Union, Addison Twps

Goodrich,  Kinsely,  Walker, Brown
Williams,  Wilson,  Davison, Cherry
Gordon,  Hinds,  Curry,  Hall,  Steel
T13N  R8E
Union Twp

T12N  R5E
Hendricks Twp

T12N  R6E
Hendricks, Shelby, Addison

Springer, Andrews, McClain, Toner,
Thurston,  Stubbs,  Holmes, Young
Hinds, Faucher, Clark, Belles, Collins
T12N  R7E
Addison, Shelby, Liberty

Williams,  Higgins
Springer,  Case,  Johnson
T12N  R8E
Liberty Twp

Haymond, Moore
Misner, Drew
T11N  R5E
Jackson Twp
Baker, Drain
Scott, McGuire
Jackman, Young
T11  R6E
Washington, Jackson Twps

Wilson, McCoy, Ward,
Drake, Bell, Lee, Powers
Collett, Brown, Campbell
T11N  R7E
Washington, Noble Twp

Bishop, Johnson, Springer, 
DeBaun, Price, Juitt, Titus
Hardy, Daily, Osborn, Chance
T11N  R8E
Noble Twp

Drew, Johnson

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